Happy Independence Day!

Yes, happy 4th, though its only the 3rd, but just the same.

Jenn and I went to the fireworks, and sat behind the condos on water. We sat with my dad. I think behind DoubleTree was better, but it was still good.

My brother’s ex, Danielle, who I used to have a pic of and will eventually put back up, died on Thursday night. My brother in typical fashion says it doesn’t bother him, but is really quiet and just wants to sit at home lately.

I have become re-obsessed with cell phones again (see 9/18/04, 6/11/03, and 6/4/03). Just wanted to mention that.

Back entrance is coming along. We have a wall up now, and cement is in. As I said last time (I think) about 2 weeks.

And finally, if anyone really likes me, you could take me to see Fantastic 4 next weekend (as in, pay for me, cause I poor).

OK, that’s all.


I have reached the next level of denial in the Apple-Intel saga. I now see the irony in future Macs containing Intel chips, and future XBoxs containing PowerPC chips.

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