March 2010

Well, I put it off for another month, but time for an update.

I had two interviews in Wisconsin mid month that went quite well.  Both were with the same company but they were different positions at different locations.  I really liked the one position and its location, but I received the no letter about a week later.

The Ferris Job fair was last week, and was as weak as the last few.  A lot of employers looking for welding and plastics tech and not interested in much else, despite how you try to explain your qualifications.  This was the first time I didn’t see John Deere in attendance though.

I have a phone interview in the morning with a machining company in GR, and an interview next week in Ohio.  Both of them the employer actually found me, which is hopefully a positive thing.

This weather is beautiful, and making me want to get out and do stuff.  I could definitely go for some camping soon.  Too bad I know next to nobody here in town, I can’t even go play disc.

Jenn and I went to Traverse City last weekend for the RV show and some shopping.  We looked and dreamed of a time when we have money.

The 20th I went to Bay City and saw Mom and Dad, then spent the evening with Jon.  We went to the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Bay City, then I headed home.  Had some good times.

I think that is about it.  Just 45 days to the 7 year Blogversary.  Looks like I will post the 589th post that day and hit about 171 or 172 thousand words.  I did pass 20,000 visits already though.  Unfortunately, I have no idea who it was.  Probably some bot or shit anyway.

OK, that would be all for now.  Hopefully I will get a life and have stuff to post about soon.

Wedding, Part 3 – Honeymoon

So, I left off at us getting home on Monday the 12th.  We stayed home Tuesday, then Wednesday left for Bay City to drop Jenn’s dress off at Clayton’s to be cleaned and preserved and leave her bouquet with my Mom to preserve it.  From there we drove to Novi to shop Twelve Oaks.  We arrived at the mall but decided to go look for a hotel first.  We found a nice hotel in Waterford, checked in, then went to dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market in Birmingham.  After dinner, we decided to skip the mall and went back to the hotel for the night.

Thursday, we headed to the Detroit Zoo for the morning, which was rather dead due to being off season, a weekday morning, and rather cold out.  Still, we had fun, and saw some cool reptiles and amphibians.  Next we headed further down Woodward right downtown to Greektown.  You can tell you are heading deep into Detroit when you  stop seeing McDonalds and see only White Castle, Popeye’s, and Church’s.  So, we had lunch at the Greektown Casino buffet, played in the casino for a little while, then went out to the street and stopped at a bakery for some baklava.  From there, we left Detroit via 94 and headed down 23 to Dundee to walk around Cabella’s.  We went through the St. Julian Winery outlet, and walked around Cabella’s, then headed north to Milan for the night.

Friday we woke up and headed up to Howell to shop the outlet.  Picked up some cool stuff, then headed over to Okemos to shop the mall there.  I got two dress shirts and ties at a really good deal, and we stopped at Big John’s for lunch.  From there, we headed home for the weekend.

Tuesday, the 20th, I had an interview at Grand Rapids Spring and Stamping, which Jenn drove down to with me.  Interview was short, and I still haven’t heard back from it, so not seeming very promising.  We then dropped Jenn’s computer off at the Apple Store to have the palm rest repaired (free, even out of warranty, awesome).

Wednesday, we returned to GR to pick up her computer and drool over the new 20 and 27” iMacs. Also stopped at Robinette’s Orchard.  Tasted some wines, got some apples, had some doughnuts and cider, had a good time.

Thursday night, Jenn went back to work, and the honeymoon officially ended.  The week and a half since have been rather uneventful.  Applied to a couple more jobs, asked for info from Western Michigan on grad programs, not too much else.

In all, over 2 weeks, we visited Alpena, Arenac, Bay, Clare, Clinton, Crawford, Eaton, Genesee, Ingham, Ionia, Iosco, Isabella, Kent, Livingston, Macomb, Mecosta, Midland, Monroe, Montcalm, Montmorency, Oakland, Osceola, Oscoda, Roscommon, Saginaw, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties.  Quite a list.

We got a new neighbor upstairs yesterday, apartment had been empty since August.  Kind of strange someone moving in in late October in a college town, but whatever.

So, that would be about it.


Sno*Drift and AutoShow

So, last weekend was Sno*Drift, the rally race in Atlanta, MI.  Was decent, but very cold.

Jon, Jenn, and I went up Friday night and met Jon’s friend Amber there.  The Holiday Inn Express in Gaylord was awesome.  We had dinner at La Seniorita and then did some shopping around town, including Jay’s of course.  We got a late start Saturday morning, so went straight for the 12:00 repair stop at Atlanta High School.  The next scheduled event was a race at the gravel pit, or a race in the woods.  We went to the gravel pit, which ended up a poor choice, as we were rather far from the cars.  Was still cool, but after that one race we were pretty much done, so didn’t stay for any of the three more that night.  Jon and Amber went there separate way, and Jenn and I went to Big Buck Brewery for dinner, then headed home.

This past week was mostly just school home, repeat.  Thursday was the winter job fair.  That was a complete joke.  There were barely any employers there, and nobody really looking for MfgEng.  Still, I keep applying online, at least 5 a week average.

Yesterday was the Grand Rapids Auto Show.  Unlike Detroit of Chicago where the automakers bring cars, this was more the dealers showing off what’s new.  You get a lot more freedom to inspect the vehicles here though, can get right in, pop the hood, whatever you want.  Was pretty good.

This week we are supposed to be working on a snow sculpture for SME, but the weather doesn’t seem to want that to happen.  Supposed to be 40s most of the week, and get some rain, not ideal conditions.  SHould drop back under freezing Thursday, so if there is any snow left then, we will try sculpting it.

So, thats about it for now.  Hopefully I find a job, will keep you updated.

One Week Down

So, first week of class is over.  All went well, though I will have quite a bit of work this semester.  Automation, plant layout, and continuous improvement have some big projects, though homework should be limited.  Lean doesn’t seem like it will be too bad.

Jenn and I went to GR on Saturday, which was fun but nasty travel.  We passed quite a few accidents on the way there, and even more on the way back.  We had lunch at TGI Fridays, which I haven’t had in quite a while, and it was really good.  Need to go there more often.  Looked for shoes at Nordstrom Rack, but didn’t find anything I loved.

Cleaned on Friday, as Jenn’s parents came down.  We got most of it Friday, but got laundry and some more yesterday.  Still have a little mess on bedroom floor and the hell that is the office, but may actually get everything cleaned up.

I finally ordered my RAM.  MacBook now has 4GB, and Jenn has my 1GB.  If someone uses PC-5300 so-dimms, and needs 2 sticks of 256MB each, let me know.

That would be about it for now.  Going to enjoy the rest of my day off (no class MLK Day).

Little Late, lol

Well, I guess I should update.  I haven’t since November 16th, as the Christmas post was actually Jenn.

This past weekend we went to Bay City for Christmas.  We were going to leave Saturday, but was really foggy so we left Sunday afternoon and stayed through the evening.

Weekend before we went up to Alpena for christmas with Jenn’s family.  Drive home was really crappy as it was snowing faster than the plows were cleaning up.

Other than that, have done nothing for the last week and a half, and enjoyed the hell out of it.  It’s my last christmas break after all, I intend to enjoy it.

Exams were not bad, grades came out a 2 A’s, 2 A-‘s, and a B-.  GPA is at 3.72, would like to get it up to a 3.75 for Magna Cum Laude.  Just need 3 out of 4 A’s over winter, with no less than A- in the fourth.

During late November, I made a site for my SME group.  I  also helped organize our Christmas Parade float, which their are pictures of on the SME site.  We were competing for $100 prizes for most festive, most participants, and most lights.  We had a good chance at most lights, but haven’t heard yet (which presumably means we lost).

Also have not heard from UniSolar.  I interviewed with them mid November and was told I would hear by the holiday.  I emailed them 2 weeks ago and was told they would get back to me.  I’m not giving up on them though, with this economy (especially in MI) I’m sure they are looking long and hard before making any decisions.

You would think I would have more after 6 weeks, huh?

I have been watching DiggNation rather regularly now.  I downloaded it to watch on my iPod and got into it.  I had watched a few about a year ago but stopped after 2 or 3 episodes.  I used to watch all of Kevin Rose’s “the Broken” episodes, but with the death of TechTV I lost trach of his whereabouts for a while, and didn’t even realize he was the guy that started until about 2 years ago.

Next week is MacWorld Expo, and Steve Jobs is not doing the keynote.  Further, it is to be the last expo attended by Apple.  In the past, Apple’s priority was to keep their user base from migrating away, so attended user expos.  Now, Apple has a large enough base that they can just use their TV spots and stores to build a bigger base.  So, its sad news for lovers of the keynotes, but understandable.  Many of Apple’s major announcements over the last few years have been at special events outside the expo anyway, and there is still Apple’s own WWDC in May-ish.

Only 16 hours left in 2008 right now.  That is a little scary.  Amazing how the year can seem so short and so long at the same time.

My beer came out decent.  Guys liked it, Jenn and I rather enjoyed it, Jenn’s Dad and his friend didn’t, lol.  Its not for people who are set on drinking one beer, and especially if that is a lighter beer.  My “Creative Juices #1” is rather heavy, and a bit bitter.

Fish are doing well.  We had a second Jack Dempsey (Buster), but he passed a few weeks ago.  Our unknown cichlid (Tiger) is doing well though.  Will need to get some pics.  I still really wat a bigger aquarium, and saw an awesome 65 gallon at PetSmart in Saginaw, but need to wait at least until after the move.

Finding a job is looking like it will be a royal pain.  most companies are laying off far more than hiring.  Still, I know they are out there.  Most of the layoffs are production workers while Manufacturing Engineers are exactly what they need to help trim inefficiency and reduce costs.

Went to Birch Run shopping with Jenn and her Mom and Sister a few weeks ago.  Was the first time I had been there in probably 5 years.  A lot of stores that have been there for as long as I can remember, and a few new ones.  I was excited to see a Merrill store, but Nordstrom’s Rack is still a better deal.

Other site work, other than SME listed above, is our wedding site.  Jenn made one up a few weeks ago, and I did a redo a few days ago.  I should have a final composite up within a couple weeks, as well as possibly its own domain.

I think, that is it.  I know there is more, especially after 6 weeks, but can’t think of it right now.  Will try and make my next most a little sooner.



Two weeks, that sucks.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have all that much.

School has been uneventful, just school.  Still no internship yet sadly.

Easter was decent.  Jenn and I went to Bob Evans for dinner and did a bit of shopping at Meijer.  Nothing real great.

Last weekend, we tried shopping for disc-golf stuff, because it thought it was nice out for a while.  We kind of got put off by the prices of real stuff though.  Maybe later, maybe try it with just a frisbee.  We also bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii, which has been fun.

And this weekend, we went to GR for some shopping, though we didn’t but much, two books.  We went for a new SIM card for my cellphone, which is supposedly the cause of my sudden sub-par reception, though it hasn’t helped all that much.

That, sadly, is two weeks.

Will try for sometime Thursdayish, after Jenn’s knee surgery.


Spring Break

So, Bay City went well. Stopped at Jay’s on the way but didn’t really need anything so continued on. Once there, we went up to Bay Med and saw my grandma. She seems to be doing well, and definitely in good spirits. Went and saw my mom, then went to Hooters for dinner and did a little shopping at the Bay City Mall. Come 8, I met up with the guys from the library and Todd at Hooligans for some fun. When they kicked us out at 12, we went for a bite at Texan, then to our hotel.

Wednesday we had lunch at the Wanigan then went to my mom’s for a bit, then to see my Dad. My Grandma had just been released so she was finally home. I fixed their computer and got my iBook set up for my Dad. After all that, we did a little more shopping at Macy’s where I bought a pair of jeans and two shirts.

We decided since we were in Saginaw, we would try taking 46 across home. On our way, we got hungry, so we went to The Eat Place, which it turns out is actually called The Country Inn. It turns out they are REALLY good, like, some of the best food I’ve ever had. Finally though, we made it home.

So, that is about it. Scott, whenever you read this, you may commence the jealousy.

New Computer!

So, Friday I got my money from Ferris, so I wrote Jenn a check for $1300 which her bank here cashed, then we headed down to GR. We got lunch at BD’s, then went to Woodland Mall. Jenn bought some Croc’s at Journeys, and I got a shirt with the silhouette of a man and boy, with the man pointing under a tree saying “That’s Shady”. Then, we went to the Apple Store. I walked in, and the concierge greeted me and asked if he could help me, so I pointed at the middle MacBook and said “I want that”. He said “Uhhhm… OK, let me find you an associate” and walked over to a girl and asked if she could help me get a MacBook. She said something like “You are interested in a MacBook?”, to which I replied “Yes, the 2.2GHz White MacBook with SuperDrive, the middle one.” “Uhh-OK, uhm…”. She was, at this point, a little off balance. Associates are no doubt used to selling iPods, or trying to talk iPod buyers into a Mac, or helping a customer decide between a few models, but not somebody who can walk in, not look, and just know exactly what they want. Finally, she regained her spot, fast-forwarding in her mind through all the other sales lecture, and began to ask if I would like a printer as well. “No, I already have a printer, I will consider Apple Care, but not today, and no .Mac”. She stands and does a little more fast forwarding, then said she would be right back and went to the back room. She came out with a black MacBook, so I sent her back for the correct one, then proceeded with checkout.

After shopping, we went to our hotel for the night, that had a really hard bed and maybe 5% humidity. I was itching and sparking all night. Worse, I had a brand new computer without any of my stuff on it, and the hotel wireless was $4.99 and only 100k! Thankfully, they forgot to charge us somehow. After a while there, we went out to dinner at Smokey Bones, kind of like Famous Dave’s but not as good.

Saturday we went to Centerpointe Mall where I almost bought some new shoes at Nordstroms, but they just didn’t fit right. Then, we went across the street to Woodland and ate at Olga’a Kitchen, which was really good, then to Barnes and Noble. After that, we came home and spent the evening here.

Sunday morning, Jenn woke up early, saw Meijer had Wiis in stock, and had one home and hooked up by 9. She woke me up just after 10 to make me help her clean because her parents were on the way. Just as we were about done, they arrived and we talked for a bit. Following that was Meijer, Qdoba, K-Mart, and Wal-Mart. Jenn’s parents proceeded home after that, and we sat around. I got a really bad headache, and spent most of the rest of the day on the couch. While at K-Mart, I bought a Belkin wireless router for my Dad, which was on sale for $29.99. I had found one for $18 on, but was a brand I never heard of (but with really good reviews), no shipping, and less hassle. I decided he will like it.

Today was class, that’s about all. I took my computer in and had to answer questions about it, like that it can run windows, and it doesn’t cost a lot, and is cheaper than your $2000 Dell that is only 6 months old and is cracking and being a piece.

Lasty, Scott is apparently being deployed for it sounds like a month. Not sure if he is leaving today, or this week, or in a couple weeks, or when. If you read this, let me know, and good luck.

OK, tata…


New Computer?

First of all, I apologize for once again neglecting my blogging duties. I got obsessed with a few things online and suddenly it was a week since a post again. Truth be told, I should have posted my 150,000th word by now. Soon, it should be coming up soon, along with the 15,000th visitor. Maybe I will strike until I get the visitor? Stop at 149,999 words, until right after the 15,000th visit, then just post “word”. That could be sweet.

I was talking with Mom and Dad and Jenn and with my fin aid refund coming in tomorrow, I am getting a new computer tomorrow. My grandma is borrowing me some money and my Dad is buying my iBook from me. The problem I am having, is my refund is going to Catholic Federal, which is 100 miles away, and they limit my debit card to $1000 per 24 hours. Since my computer is more than that, I am stuck. The Apple Store accepts checks, but my checks have my old address and my drivers license my address here, so I don’t know if they will take it. I do have a credit card from Fifth Third, that they decided to give me after I got my car loan, that is totally open. That only has a credit limit of $1000 though, so I would need to split it across two cards. I also thought of the option of buying $600 or so of Apple Store gift cards tomorrow, then buying the computer Saturday, so that my debit card is not charged more than $1000, but I wouldn’t be able to buy until after whatever time of day I bought the gift cards. Since we are going to Grand Rapids after my class, it will already be later in the day, so wouldn’t be able to buy computer until 7 or so Saturday night, and need to stay in GR all day Friday and Saturday. Will figure something out.

In preparation for the new lappy, I bought the MacHeist II bundle. It comes out as $490 something in software for $49. It ended yesterday, but none of you use macs anyway. There were 3 apps I really wanted, and 2 of them were worth more than $49 anyway, so the other 11 were all gravy.

I need to do dishes, and make dinner, but a Hungry Man is sounding better. I need to do before we leave tomorrow either way though. It sucks when you neglect your dishes for a day because it doesn’t look like there are many there, then suddenly there is a giant pile.

OK, that’s all for today.


And I Was Doing So Well

I had 3 posts in the first week of the year, then I crapped out. Oh well.

I talked to mom and we moved in with my Grandma in May 1986, just before Chris’s first birthday. This leaves both options as possible first memories, likely just a few months apart. I kind of think the Johnny Carson memory was first, just because I can’t recall Chris being around at the time.

You probably noticed theme change. It was just some color switching, nothing major yet. I want something more at the top, as it is too bleh. Just seems like one giant blog of sameness up there. Maybe some pinstipes or an image. Will work on over time.

MacWorld 2008 begins tomorrow. The keynote presentation with new product announcements will be Tuesday at noon eastern, 9 AM pacific. It should be available about 4 PM to view online. If everything works out, I will be getting a new computer shortly after. My Mom and dad are putting in, and I making up the difference. this was actually offered to be around December 10th or so, but I held off knowing the possibilities MacWorld brings. We will see.

Yesterday Jenn and I were bored so we went shopping in Grand Rapids. We didn’t but much but had fun. I drooled at the Apple Store, especially knowing I could be back within a week.

Today we are supposed to do laundry, and make french onion soup, but are lacking in energy. Knowing I have school tomorrow is making me want to go to sleep.

Will have details of first day of school tomorrow maybe, if not they will be thrown in with MacWorld details Tuesday night.