Two weeks, that sucks.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have all that much.

School has been uneventful, just school.  Still no internship yet sadly.

Easter was decent.  Jenn and I went to Bob Evans for dinner and did a bit of shopping at Meijer.  Nothing real great.

Last weekend, we tried shopping for disc-golf stuff, because it thought it was nice out for a while.  We kind of got put off by the prices of real stuff though.  Maybe later, maybe try it with just a frisbee.  We also bought Guitar Hero III for the Wii, which has been fun.

And this weekend, we went to GR for some shopping, though we didn’t but much, two books.  We went for a new SIM card for my cellphone, which is supposedly the cause of my sudden sub-par reception, though it hasn’t helped all that much.

That, sadly, is two weeks.

Will try for sometime Thursdayish, after Jenn’s knee surgery.


Changes Continue

I finally remembered the secret to updating the look of a site: Don’t try and change your old theme, just throw it out and start over. Well, I made some progress on that last night and the results are obvious. There is more to do, and I will try and keep on it.

Yesterday Dane, Conrad, and I went to Schuberg’s for lunch. It was a nice change form mexican, not that anything is wrong with El Burrito. I learned that sambuca is pretty good.

We rented Rayman Raving Rabbids and Trauma Center: New Blood for the Wii, and both are pretty cool. We rented a few movies too, including Bourne Ultimatum and 300, but haven’t watched them yet.

At our last SME meeting we discussed fundraising, and are looking at doing a pancake breakfast. We also decided to have an elementary school do our sales, since nobody can say no to a kid, and give them a share of the profits.

Jenn got the results of her MRI, and the professional opinion was that her knee is “messed up”. She was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and has an appointment Tuesday.

I applied at Trek Bikes, Cannondale, and IBM for internship positions this week. Cannondale sent me an email thanking me for my interest and noting my qualifications are impressive, but they are not currently seeking interns. I don’t know if that means they already hired them, haven’t hired them yet, or just don’t have interns, but at least I am putting myself out there.

That seems like about it. Not sure what else there could be.

OK, till next time then.


Job Fair

Tomorrow is the Ferris Winter Job Fair, so here’s to hoping for luck at that. I am going to an informational meeting tonight with Northrop Grumman too. You may have heard of them, make a few little things like the B-2 Bomber and most of the Navy’s aircraft carriers.

So last weeks, I woke up Thursday and felt a little itch in my throat, like beginnings of a cold, too bad. We had the day off though thanks to a few inches of snow, so I met with Dane and Conrad at El Burrito Loco for lunch and some margaritas. We had a lot of fun there, then it was home for some Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

Friday was class, and I was feeling a little worse. Luckily I was home around 11 and sat around and rested. Saturday and Sunday I felt progressively worse. Monday morning was cold as fuck walking in, actual temperature was -18 at 8:30 AM, thank god no wind. It actually warmed up 30 degrees over the course of Monday.

Yesterday was more class, and a haircut and some shopping at Meijer. Made some sloppy joes and tater-tots, greatest food ever. Was getting slippery on my way home, especially back roads. Jenn was lucky enough to miss the heavy traffic on the way home form work, had she left 2 hours earlier she would have been stuck in the 1 hour traffic jam.

Grand Rapids Rampage arena football starts Monday, March 10th, with a second game that Friday. I really want to go, would be cool to see and arena game I think. Need to find peoples to go with though. Maybe Jenn, maybe my dad and/or brother, though he would probably be working on a weekday so probably not.

No site work, since as I said was sick and mostly laid around. Do want to try and get something done, but probably not this weekend either.

I realized that with Jenn not counting, Scott on tour for a month, and that being everyone, I have no readers right now. My cousin Cindy reads, and my mom, but they seldom comment. Oh well.

Still loving my MacBook. Still haven’t really gotten the iBook ready for my Dad. I did get him a wireless router though, but I probably already mentioned that.

Jenn and I have been watching Dead Like Me, originally on Showtime I believe. There was a marathon on some channel over the summer and I watched several, and with TV sucking I downloaded the entire series. Best part is, no commercials.

Despite the no readers, I am pissed that I go a week without updates. Being sick is almost a valid excuse, but it has happened more than this once. I will try and do better.

I think that is all.


150,000 Words

So long as this post is 637 words long, I will reach 150,000 words in the blog on this post. Quite a milestone.

I am going to try and work on the theme for the site this weekend. I have some ideas I want to try and think I can get it more decent looking. I also downloaded a rather good looking theme I might try if I can’t get mine right. I really don’t like using pre-made themes though. I know I can do the coding, I just have issues with the little touches, and having no artistic ability. I can make it look good, I just don’t know what good looks like.

New MacBook is over a week old now. Along with being incredibly faster, it has Leopard, which is like a new computer all by itself. It doesn’t have the big features of some previous versions of OS X, but it did get a lot of little tweaks. Tabbed chats in iChat, better looking icons, key commands to sort icons in a folder, multiple desktops (that I haven’t really used yet), Quickview of documents without opening an application, preview icons of pretty much everything, and 294 more apparently. Plus, the computer is new, so its REALLY fast, and my battery is new and lasts longer.

School has been going fairly well. I was a little lost in stats, but he cleared that up this morning.

So, with all the words above, the post count comes up to 159,654, only halfway there. So, what else…

Superbowl was OK, but not great. I was unsure who to root for, since the Patriots were undefeated, but the Giants were the underdogs and I generally go for them. Unless Green Bay is in it, then they are always my choice. Commercials were so-so, some good ones but not as many as normal.

We rented Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Pretty good so far, although the trampoline judging is way off. You can suck ass and get 1st, or have the best routine ever and land 7th, is just weird.

I cleaned most of the apartment Sunday afternoon, vacuumed and moved around the furniture in the front room. It needed to be done. Still need to do office and bedroom.

Current count is 149,793, just 207 more.

I didn’t realize it was this far away. I was kind of done with this back at 159,650, and it just seems like it is dragging on and on.

Ferris is having a job fair on the 14th, and supposedly Northrup Gumman will be there, you know, the largest defense contractor in the US, the guys that make battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers, tanks, aircraft, satellites, and more. Will be fun to talk to them. I don’t know that I would want to move away for the summer, think I really don’t actually, but do want to keep my options open, and they would be interesting.

OK, up to 149,900 right now, so down to like 90 more words by now. So 90 words, just 90 more words to reach 150,000. What 90 words can I write… Hmmm. OK, thats not very productive.

Apparently WordPress 2.3.3 is out, I have a little reminder to update on my screen. I think 2.4 was supposed to be out las month, but was cancelled because of decreased development over Christmas break, so they are skipping over to 2.5 in March. It is supposed to have some cool features from what I have heard and seen.

OK, so the word count is now up to 150,012. Yay, done!

See you next time.


Trip Home

So, Friday I went home to see the family. Was rather uneventful actually, sat around and not much more.

Saturday I met with Dan, Jeremy, Dave, and Matt at Hooters around 6, had some food and a rather craptastic waitress, then headed to Hooligan’s around 8. We sat there until close at 2 having drinks, singing Karaoke, and bullshitting. You can view Dan and Jeremy on YouTube actually, I posted videos of their attempts under my account. Since I had not been drinking, I gave Dan and Jeremy a ride home, as Dan’s mom is just a few blocks from my mom’s house.

Sunday I awoke on the couch and called my mom as I was alone, and found she was at Rudy J’s just finishing breakfast after standing in front of Circuit City and Toys R Us, and had gotten a Wii. Once she got home, I spent most of the day playing Wii sports, and ran with my brother to Target to get WiiPlay, where we found out they had had 60 Wii systems come in that morning. If anyone wants a Wii, they seem to be getting easier to get, especially if you show up early Sunday morning.

Todd came over later Sunday and played a few games with me. He had been at Hooligan’s too, and met up just by chance. After he left, Chris and Brandon played some game till Chris went to bed, then Brandon and I spent a few hours playing WiiSports some more. I was really getting good at baseball and golf, and decent at bowling. Tennis and boxing I was consistently sucktacular.

Monday I woke up, packed everything, and headed back here. I spent the day with Jenn who had it off doing not too much. Tuesday jenn worked, but only until 3. I made Chicken Kiev and cheesy potatoes. Wednesday we got up, she packed, we made a frozen pizza and did some laundry, and then she left to Ann Arbor to be with her dad for his surgery. I have just sat around and enjoyed the nothing since. Her dad was scheduled to go in today at 2:30.

We planned on me going to Bay City tomorrow, and she would meet me and spend the night there, then meet up with her parents in Alpena Saturday. however, the current word is her dad won’t be released until Sunday, so we are holding Christmas off until next weekend.

I got some Christmas gifts while in Bay City. A set of CorningWare from my Dad, a Chicago Cutlery knife se from my mom, and a set of glasses from my Mom to Jenn. Out gifts to them I didn’t take, and are waiting until next weekend, along with whatever I get from my Grandma (a pair of Dockers gloves, just like the ones I got 3 years ago but I had to send back for repair and never saw again).

And I think that is all.



So, late friday night, or more precisely 2 AM Saturday, Jenn and I were bored so we left for Alpena. We arrived there a little before 5, after making a stop at Wal-mart in Tawas. Saturday Jenn’s sister came over and we opened presents then had a small dinner. Sunday we went over to Jenn’s grandma’s for dinner there, then headed home a few hours later. Monday we had Christmas dinner here, then went over to my Grandma’s for presents there.

Tuesday Jenn and I went to Saginaw to spend our Christmas money. I bought 4 shirts and a down throw blanket, and she bought another for me. Wednesday I worked for the 2nd to last time. Thursday Jenn, Chris, my Mom, and I went to Genji with Scott who is in town for Christmas, then we came back here and played Super Mario World and watched Office Space. Then Friday was my last day at the library. Today I again sat around and did a whole lot of nothing.

Total Christmas gifts:

  • $140
  • 2 new pair of pants
  • 1 new shirt
  • BBQ tool set with apron
  • Chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts, snickers, mixed nuts, hershey kisses, and a fruit cake
  • Silver necklace
  • Flashlight
  • Leatherman clip
  • Candle
  • Robe and slippers
  • Folding camp table

Tomorrow I am going to the Library for the last normal day. They will be closed for 2 weeks, then go to the new reduced schedule, so most all tech pages are going to be showing up for that.

I hooked up out Super Nintendo last week and the Nintendo early this week. I have been playing Pin Ball on the NEW mostly, though it doesn’t always like to work. It is nearly 20 years old though.

We don’t really have much for plans for tomorrow night, just going to wing it I think.

I made some small updated to the site earlier today, namely the partial re-posting of the Library and the addition of a comment-spam blocker. At just a day old, it has already caught over 500 comments. Its sad that I got more comment spam in a day than I get real comments in 3 years. Maybe you guys should comment more?

I’m not sure what else. I think that about covers it all. I may update at some time tomorrow, just to get in my final post of the year and last one at the library most likely as well.

Uhm, uhh. No, I got nothing.

Hello all, happy hump day!

I cleaned up my HD last night. 700MB cleared away. I also organized a lot of stuff that was just laying around, and backed everything up to CD. Its weird, there is NOTHING on my desktop. Looks freaky. Might need to create some empty folders just to look right again, or put HD icon back on desktop. Then again, I’m sure I will mess everything within a few days.

Apple sold that 20GB ipod about 20 hours after I posted that I would buy it. They did get some 10 gigs back in, but they’re the windows version. If you have windows, and are looking into an MP3 player, this could be good news for you.

Nintendo GameCube is down to $99.99. Wow, I paid $299 for my PS2, can’t believe systems are going so low. Next generation PS should be coming in about a year or maybe 2, others follow another year later. Also, there should be a portable PS coming!

I really don’t have much more. Haven’t been doing much lately. Stayed up till 10:30 this morning doing backup, then slept till 5. I’m so sad.

River of Time is this weekend, and A&W closes this weekend. I am going to River of Time, if you want to make plans, I would be happy to go with whoever, or I will just see you there.

Ok, see you Saturday, issue #44. 50 is approaching, thats about 6 months! Actually, 6 months will be November 27th. Hey, next post will be the 4 month anniversary, cool!

See you later,

There are no stupid questions,
Just inquisitive idiots.

I’m late! Or not?

Ahh, I’m late!

Actually, I dont know if I am, I post like 12:01am and dont know if it should be the current day of previous or what. I dont think it matters really. It was my rule to do every other day so I can break it. Besides, I already pointed out that whole “other” v. “oter” thing.

Anyway, another game review for you. Hitman 2, it sucks. The controls are horrible, its quite difficult to figure out just what your doing, and I just didnt like it. Mostly the control difficulties though.

Next, what happened to the Vervante store? You go to their website and click the apple store, all the developer books are gone, and it lists the books as not found. Pissing me off. Worst part is you cant get the books elsewhere, just through their site. I am sure Apple will be as happy about this as I am.

Speaking of whom, I am reading a biography if you will of just that company. I have owned the book for some time but just today (or yesterday technically) decided to read it. I have several books that I bought and didn’t read, and I hope to get through some over the summer. But anyway, the book is ok, not great or anything though. The first chapter is by no means chronological. It drifts from the early 70’s to the mid 90’s and back again with little care, despite (I can’t believe that’s the correct spelling, almost sure it was dispite) being called “in the beginning”. Maybe its just an introduction thing, I hope so, and will keep you updated.

Ok, thats all for now. I just wanted to sound off quick. Ohh, also, if you didn’t see Gollum’s acceptance speech at the MTV Movie Awards, find the next showing and watch it, in the words of the froddo dude, uhm, anyway, he said “that’s f*cking awesome”. Well, not his words, watch it, you’ll understand.

Go away now!

National Otter Day

So your sitting there saying “Nick, you said you would post every other day, what gives?” So I says “read more closely, I said ‘every oter day'”. So I have been sitting around trying to figure out when the heck “oter day” is, but got tired of looking, so here I am.

So anyway, why isn’t there a holiday called otter day. I mean come on, something that cute deserves its own holiday. Besides, it could be real fun. We can put it at the third tuesday of every 13th month. That way, every few years there won’t be a single otter day that year. It could be a real hoot (or if you prefer, whatever sound otters make. not sure what that is exactly though.)

I rented “Medal of Honor : Frontline” for PS2. Its pretty good game if your into 1st person shooter type WWII games. I’m on the third mission though and it’s ticking me off. You can only save at the end of missions, but the missions are getting really hard so when you die you have to go WAY back, and it’s annoying.

What else? Hmm. Ohh, why do people say “Where do you get off?” Do you really want to know? If you REALLY want to know, I guess I could tell you. I doubt that you do though. Just another stupid saying that got turned sick by our youthful slang I suppose.

Ok, but I really do want to post every other day, so I will try. Every third anyway. Ok, I’m shutting up now.