Tooling Engineering Projects

These projects were during our MFGE – 324: Tool Engineering course at Ferris State University, but involved aspects of everything we had learned thus far including metrology, fixture design, manufacturing processes, control charting, tolerance charting, and much more.  Both of these projects were completed as a 4 person group.

Project X

Project X was to build an example project in our manufacturing lab, in our case a knife blade, using the machinery we had.  Full planning, documentation, and making 10 of the actual part were all part of the process.

PDF File Project X (1.2 MB)


The Amerikam project was to plan and document the manufacture of a part currently being produced by Amerikam in Grand Rapids, MI.  We were given a list of some equipment they had, and we could “buy” certain equipment if we felt in necissary.  We then presented our project to the engineering and management team at Amerikam and toured their facility, comparing our process design to how they actually produce the part.

PDF File Amerikam Project (3.0 MB)