Short Stories

Some short stories and such I have written, dating as far back as 7th grade english, or just an off the wall blog post.

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast was written for my 10th grade english class. We were assigned to write 3 stories, and one of mine was decidedly a “Fractured Fairy Tale”, inspired by the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show sketches. It’s a bit Cinderella, a bit Beauty and the Beast.

Hmmm, this is an interesting one too. I wrote it in 11th grade english. The assignment was to walk around Central, write what we saw, and then write a poem about it all. Well, here’s my Poem.

the Sock
Ahh, the Sock. A classic. Written in 7th grade english, it is one of my favorite short stories. We had to write in private journals on specified topics, but I never did, I just wrote crap, and this is that crap. In its original form, this story contained no formatting, no punctuation, nothing. It was one long sentence. Credit should be given also to Nick Suchyta and Ryan McDonough for some creative influence and polishing.

Woods Runner
Well, I was bored while writing a blog, so I wrote this. It’s pretty funny, and definitely in the same spirit as “the Sock”.  AKA “the GI Joe story”.