Bad Apple, BAD

Ok, I am bored and not ready to sleep yet so here is your update.

I am ROYALY ticked at Apple right now (when am I not right? I hate them almost as much as I love them). They released isync 1.1 today which added syncing support for several more cellphones, which is really cool. However, they DIDN’T provide support for phones people actually own. isync is still dominated by GSM phones, which are the vast minority in the US. And the CDMA and TDMA phones they are supporting are the $249 optional phones that nobody buys. Yo Apple, get a clue and support the Motorola v120, you know the one that Verizon and Alltel give away for free and that most people have (and is also the one I am getting, why else would I care?).

Second, they dropped the price of 12″ and 15″ powerbooks AND started a promotion where you can get a $200 rebate when you buy any mac with an ipod. That means rather than spending $1549 on my ibook, I could have waited and got a 12″ AlBook with a faster processor and G4, more RAM, a bigger HD, and Airport Extreme plus a 10 gig ipod for $1649. I could have waited 6 months for a deal like that. But I digress. Part of buying a computer is accepting that it wont be the latest and greatest forever, or even for much more that a few weeks. That my ibook wasn’t leapfrogged until mid-last month is actually amazing. Besides, I need to focus my hatred at RAM chip makers for charging so much. How can a 512mb so-dimm cost $99 when a 512DDR is only $75 anyway!?!

What else? I don’t know. I didn’t say I wasn’t tired, just not tired enough to sleep. Ok, I am going to bed know, 3 hours earlier than normal, because I am tired and I am supposed to work tomorrow.


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