If I Were You, Who would you be?

Yesterday, Scott Jenn and I went to Mandarin House. Was good. Hampton Mall is very sad though.

Today, Scott talked to Harvey at GM. Good and bad news. Scott and I are near the top of “the List”, but there will not be any hirings in the near future. I presume probably until around next union negotiation, in October 06.

eBay seriously sucks. I am never selling on it again, and probably never buying either. I don’t know if I should blame the buyers for trying to screw me, UPS for shipping mishaps, or just bad luck. After 4 bitching buyers and 2 account hackings, including 1 charging up a lot of fees, I give up.

Still no sign of the now infamous “Me”. I am offering a reward if you have any information. I don’t know what the reward is, but I’ll find something.

OK, that’s plenty for now.


The good news it’s only 110˚ in the shade.
The bad news is there isn’t any shade.


OK, so I sell my eBay stuff, ship it out, leave to Tawas, come home, have an e-mail, crap. Guy claims CD is horribly scratched and won’t load, respond immediately or I get negative. My first thought is enough of this shit, screw you and I quit eBay. I calm down a little, ask if he has tried using a disk cleaner and if computer meets full system requirements on box, specifically that it is a mac CD and isn’t compatible with Windows. Haven’t heard from him in 2 days now. Isn’t it fun when someone expects you to be really fast but takes their own sweet time? Bastards.

I got a headache Thursday night around 1:00 AM. It went away about 2 hours ago. Last night was the worst of it. That was just plain wrong. I actually wonder if it was wisdom teeth or not, as it seemed a bit too far up to be, but I don’t know.

Did some fun looking today, on locomotive engines. GM’s biggest car engine, for the most part, is the 502 cu. in. V8, the Vortec 8100, used in full sized trucks. GM-EMD’s (GM Electro-motive division) biggest engine is the “H” series 16V265. It has a displacement of 1010 cu. in. (16.6 liter) PER CYLINDER! That means each of the engine’s 16 cylinders is bigger than TWO 8100s! It has a total displacement of 16160 cu. in. (265.6 liter). The main bearing is 10.24″ (260 mm), compared to about 2″ in a standard engine. The engine also has two very large turbo chargers, and produces over 6000 horsepower. I can’t find a torque number, but I’m sure it’s insane.

And in closing, WHO THE HELL IS “ME”!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That’s when I swore that someday, someday I would get outta that basement and travel to a magical, far away place, where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer, and the towels are oh so fluffy! Where the shriners and the lepers play their ukuleles all day long, and anyone on the street will gladly shave your back for a nickel!

Do You Suffer From Memory Loss?

Hey “Me”, you haven’t responded yet.

First up, er, Second up: Wednesday’s update will either be rather early or very late (before 12pm Wed. or after 2pm Thurs.). This is due to me being out of town. Details will come either Thur. or Saturday.

One year ago today Jenn and I first met, at her dorm at SVSU. Yay!

The fun unmentionable is back. Should last about a month, maybe 2. I’m happy that I got it, but sad cause of what is means. You have no clue what I’m talking about though. That makes it more fun though, for me anyway.

I am still unsure of what is happening with the website.

I received payment for my 3rd item on eBay. Is exciting.

I think that’s it.



“They call’em fingers, but I never saw’em fing.”
Auto, the Simpsons

Me Who?

OK, after 3 days of searching, I must ask who the hell is “Me”? This is all I know

Uses Opera
Has Win XP
In Bay City area
Charter cable modem
Early bird (or very night owl)
Is not Scott, Jenn, my Mom, John, Troy, Sarah, or a friend of any of them.
and I know IP address, but not a lot of help.

Anyway, PLEASE comment with a NAME, or e-mail me, PLEASE!

So what else…

I sold more stuff on eBay.

I have decided I can not be trusted. I get bored and need something to look at online, and ended up doing way too much research on DV camcorders. Bad idea. As my mom would say “NOOOOO”.

Ok, thats all. I just want to know who “Me” is. If you tell me, I will put the school assignments back up. 🙂


I can’t think of a quote, too stuck on the “Me” thing.

Merry Christmas (in 2 days)

A few things to make note of

1) Scott, why do you hate Zales?

2) I will be leaving tonight for Alpena, so I will be unavailable until at least Saturday evening.

3) The guy that bought my video card on eBay (the videocard caused problems already when the last person who won it refused to pay) requested his money back claiming it was “old and worn out”. No, I am not refunding.

That’s all. News on the trip and a Christmas wrap-up Sunday evening.


Turkey Day is Coming

Hi all.

I might have a job, as a repair technician at Advanced Wireless. I turned in my resume yesterday and they called a few hours later for an interview. Problem is I am going to Alpena with Jenn tomorrow and wont be back till Thursday night, and of course they wanted the interview tomorrow. They were supposedly going to try and get me in today, but never called. Oh well, maybe Friday or Saturday.

We rented Mr. Deeds again a few days ago. The first time we rented it we forgot to watch it. This time, we tried to watch it, but the disk wouldn’t work right. Not in my ibook, my PS2, or our DVD player. Talk about a bad disk.

As I said above, I will be in Alpena from about noon Wednesday to 6 or 7 pm on Thursday.

Jenn and I went to the animal shelter and were looking at the dogs. In one cage there was a little black ball hiding in the corner, and deja vu immediately set in.  As it got up and walked toward us, it got worse. You see, Molly was a little black ball in the corner when we got her. This new ball is nearly a twin. A black lab, about 8 to 12 weeks old, and even has the white spot on its chest. This one is a boy though, and no spots on the paws. It would be nice, but we can’t handle another Molly.

I sold one of my 3 auctions on eBay, and shipped it out today. The other 2 are relisted until next Tuesday I believe. The freaking moron that wouldn’t pay has now left negative feedback claiming they did pay and I never shipped, so now I am fighting with eBay to get the comment pulled. Damn morons, screwing it up for the rest of us. Oh well, I am trying not to think about that, cause it pisses me off.

Anyway, I think that’s it. I’ll see you all Friday, with the post-turkey day update.


:) From Jenn

I’m bored cause Nick is watching CSI and I didn’t pay attention to the first half, so I am blogging for him. He got one of his ebay payments today, so that was exciting, but then the one item didn’t sell again, so that was sucky.

John kerry kept saying, “I HAVE A PLAN, I HAVE A PLAN!” but never actually said what the plan was. Well, Nick found the “plan” on his website but it was really vague. Only two weeks and one day till the election, do you know who you are voting for? I can’t vote cause I’m from out of town and registered in a township two and half hours a way, but you better vote damn it.

Nick has an apple car that went on ebay for $160.00, three times what he paid. But hes gonna keep it, cause frankly the apple car ROCKS!

Oh yeah by the way, in case you haven’t noticed, it is freaking cold out.

If you are bored on Sunday nights, you have to watch Desperate Housewives on ABC. I don’t really know what it is about the show but it is really good. Its a new series that started three weeks ago, and its about all the twistedness of suburbean life. Its good, trust me, watch it.

till nick posts on Thursday

For Sale

I have finally listed some stuff on eBay. It took alot more effort than it should have, due to eBay feeling that my account was hacked and therefore blocking access to it. It took 3 days, but I got access, and got some stuff listed.

I listened to the first presidential debate on my computer, and watched the second early this morning on a Fox News rebroadcast. After coming to mixed opinions, I decided to look online for a survey to help me find who my best candidate is. My results were a bit off of what I expected:

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Brown, Walt – Socialist Party (72%)
3. Cobb, David – Green Party (72%)
4. Nader, Ralph – Independent (63%)
5. Kerry, Senator John, MA – Democrat (56%)
6. Badnarik, Michael – Libertarian (36%)
7. Bush, President George W. – Republican (25%)
8. Peroutka, Michael – Constitution Party (9%)

Apparently my only chance of a 100% (or anything even close) match is to write in my own name. My top match though is Walt Brown, of the Socialist party. Of the 2 candidates that have any chance, Kerry is on top with 56% compared to Bush’s mere 25%.

Overall, based on my views toward what I heard on debates and read on their websites, Kerry is my more compatible on domestic policy while Bush is on foreign. So, I still am fairly unsure which way I will go, but it likely wont be socialist (though this isn’t the first time I have taken a survey and been deemed a socialist).

My overall view of the latest debate is that Kerry too often says “I have a plan” without saying a single word on what the plan is. What are all these plans? Are you going to invade Canada and make them our slaves? Are you going to have your wife’s family give us all free Ketchup so we forget our worries? Bush though, seems to always be defending his last 4 years in office and seldom saying what he will do. So, I am left seeing a choice of a president who wont explain his plans, or one that seems to have none at all.

Anyway, enough of that.

Not that I have much else.

I have posted more to the website. The links, PAQ, and disclaimer are now up. The links page has been slightly updated, but there are more additions I want to do (the “update” was just removing links, not adding). Still more to do, but it is going.

My 200th post will on December 14th. Thats not too far away really. This is 178 by the way, in case you wondered.

OK, I think thats it. I guess I will see you all on Tuesday.


Recent polls say you lost the debate?
Yeah, that’s why I never trust Poles, or Germans, French, or Russians for that matter.

I Finally Did Stuff!

Scott and I met Jim at HCB Friday. He was exactly the same. He is leaving for the Navy, tomorrow I believe. He will be a semen, err seaman.

My movies came in today. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey, Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, and UHF. I haven’t watched any yet, but will soon.

What else…

I got the money for my stuff on eBay, hopefully Nick gets some more of it up next week.

I found out my 21 days of uptime is squat. Check out these servers. Those are in days. The current leader has been up for 1741 days, or about 4.77 years. Thats insane.

I have decided we need federal guidelines for timing. There needs to be a definition of “soon”. Genji Steakhouse claimed in August that a Saginaw location was “coming soon”. They still claim the same thing. If it was “soon” six months ago, then it could be another six months from now. And even six more months from then. We need regulations that state how long “soon” is, to keep this kind of thing from happening.

Ok, thats enough. I don’t really feel like writing this anyway, I just do it for my peeps.


Ok, I’m going to watch my movies, see you all Tuesday.


Lobotomy: when a lobotist uses a lobotom to otomize your lob.

U^^pa lu^^pa


I am in a good mood right now, but I can’t say why yet. I hope I will be able to, in about a week maybe. We will see, or I will see anyway.

I had a “girl” try to cyber with me Sunday night. Was very funny. I went along with it for a while, but she is blocked now. Notice how I said “girl”, and not girl…

I have to go to class tomorrow, which is stupid. I should have taken 210 online, thats all this really is. We walk in and she says “Go to http://www.delta.edu/flpeters and read your assignment, email me when it’s complete.” Wait, what? No explanations? No lecturing? Why am I here? It’s stupid.

I filled in my address book on the ibook. Now on buddy list it’s all formal looking. It’s all “Nicholas James Suchyta” and “Jason David Julian” and, well, I don’t know Scottiews middle name. I do know that his name is not Scotthiew, and that he finds it at least semi-annoying, which is funny.

I wish GM would start hiring. I need $$, and they have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. So the way I see it, we would go well together. Seriously though, I need a direction or something, and that would definitely give me one.

Nick has listed some of my stuff on ebay for me, I am very thankful. My PowerBook, Palm, and USB card are up now, more to come as these sell. Future listings include, well, there are alot of them, we will see.

Ok, that’s enough for now. More will come on Friday. Have fun, don’t die.


Life sucks, but death doesn’t put out at all.
(sorry nick)