Five Thousand!

Yeay! Five thousand visitors! Yeay!

OK, so not really. Probably closer to 10 visitors 500 times. But still. It’s more than you got.

So, after about 10 hours of thinking it was Scott, I double checked and through a goof by SiteMeter improperly listing Win XP and Firefox, noticed it was Jenn’s IP. So, Jenn was 5000, thus winning the prize for being 5000, and for correctly guessing in the poll.

New poll next time by the way.

I have 2 new shirts and a new pair of shorts courtesy of Jenn. Thank you again.

The back entrance is going a bit slower than I hoped. Hopefully we can gain some on it this weekend.

I have been trying to clean my room some. It’s, uhm, going.

I think that’s it. See you Thursday.


When asked what would happen if a freighter hit the Mackinac bridge, the designing engineer said “The boat would sink, with a great loss of life no doubt”.

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