Music Videos

So, I don’t watch MTV or VH1, so I dont see many music videos (not that they show many). But, I used to (as they used to) and I have 2 absolute favorites. One is Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden, my brother and I used to watch it for its shear fucked-up-ed-ness. Second is Enemy by Sevendust, which obviously is awesome as well. If you read this, let me know some of yours.


For whatever reason, it bothers me when my playlist has songs that have not been recently played. Not like, has been a few weeks, but songs not played since May 2004. There are a few reasons why this happens.

  • iTunes shuffle happened not to pick that song in a while.
  • I tend to pick certain songs I prefer more often.
  • My mere 256MB of memory isn’t enough for iTunes, iChat, Safari, Mail, and whatever else.
  • My speakers on the iBook are not that great, so I just didn’t listen to music all that much once my powered speakers started to act up.

So, I decided to fix that. My new headphones have helped, and since I tend to browse around at stuff randomly, I decided to just quit Mail and Safari. So, for 3 months now, I have been listening to music from a “Not Recently Played” playlist, that only included songs not played since before September 7. In 1 hour, 20 minutes, I will finally be done with my 36 hour long music library. I figure that will hold be for another 2 years. Probably not, but it makes me feel good for now.

iTunes Library

To help with the play-through, I downloaded LED Spectrum Analyzer. It strangely amuses me. Then again, I am happy for hours staring at a camp fire, and it does sometimes resemble flames, when the led colors are right.

iTunes Visualiter
OK folks, that’s all for now.

1071 Words, and No Point

For those of you that are students, you may with to skip the next paragraph, because it may very well just piss you off.

I got back my grade for our business test Monday. It was a 94%, pretty darn good, I would, in any other case, be very happy with it. However, I put the grade into my little grade tracking spreadsheet, and the wonderful 94% dropped my overall grade in the class by a full percent, from 96% to 95%. That is still well over the 93% for an A so it isn’t a big deal, but how sad is it that I got an A on a test and it brought DOWN my grade? I am sure some of you wish you had such a horrible situation for yourself.

My car has been showing it’s piece-ness. When I sit down in it, anyone standing around can visibly see it sink on the driver’s side. That I know of right now I need a near complete suspension, wheel bearings, and valve cover gasket. I called Jason 2x now, but not much heard back. Maybe my brother’s friend Shelby, or just take it to a garage. Or maybe, I will find a super awesome job and get metric shitloads of cash, and be able to buy a new car. I wish I had the same problem with money that I have with grades.

Speaking of jobs, I am going Monday to look for a new workstudy position. I talked to Beth Friday and she said she would appreciate if everyone stay until Dec 31, which is understandable. In my case, it’s not a big deal because a new workstudy wouldn’t start until Jan 1 or so. For say Dan, who applied at Staples and I am sure they will want him working for day after Thanksgiving, it may become a problem.

I want to let it be known that I do very much enjoy my new headphones. I am listening to them now (Megadeth – Trust) and my favorite part, beyond the fact that they are probably the best sounding headphones I have ever used, is that you can wear them for hours and never irritate your ears, and when you take them off, you don’t feel naked either. I love them.

Being early November, it is time to begin Christmas shopping. I have no idea what to get pretty much anybody. Jenn said “there is something I really want, but I won’t tell you, I want to wait and see what you get on your own”. Well, that’s a really good way to not get what you want, I can pretty well promise that. I guess I should say I don’t know what to get anyone. I have ideas for Chris, my Mom, my Dad, I guess that’s all I buy for. Jenn too, of course, but her I really don’t have any idea.

Nope, nothing. Oh well.

Just before I came to write this, I had a very long, about 3 minute, conversation with Dave’s away message. Granted, 3 minutes isn’t that long, but with an away message it it.

Speaking of long, as I said Megadeth – Trust was playing, then came Alice in Chains – Grind. Now, as I talk about long periods of time, what comes on, but In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. I have about 15:30 of it left. I think it’s the longest song I have. I will check, 1 sec…

Yes, 17:02, followed closely by November Rain at 12:29, then Metallica – Outlaw Torn in a distant 3rd at 9:58. I used to have some classical, symphonies and the like, and some of those were up in the 20 and 30 minute area in length, but I got rid of those because anything over about 10 minutes is a chore to listen through unless it’s really good. Then again, some songs are a chore at 3 minutes. Semi related, the shortest song I have is the Sealab 2021 theme, at 28 seconds. I really wish that was a bit longer.

Returning to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, I loved the Simpson’s episode where Bart switched it for the church organist’s music sheet. They cut away, come back 15 minutes later to her playing the last few seconds (among my favorite sections of the song, no, not because it’s the end) then fainting. I laughed for like 4 minutes.

Fitting in with Simpson’s , there is supposed to me a new movie preview tonight, in about 20 hours, during the Simpson’s. Just a little heads up.

Down to 8:15 of song left.

This is becoming a really long post. I wonder how long my longest post is? Would probably be one where I posted a story, but the stories have been removed, and probably wouldn’t have counted anyway, since they were more of an attachment, and had been written earlier. Except the Woods Runner, that was written on-the-fly, so it would count. One of the rants on ethiopians, or the 3 day long post, or when I lost iBlog because I forgot to pay for it. One of those most likely, or it could be this. I really don’t feel like checking, but maybe I can find a plug-in for wordpress to do it for me. I will have to check the word-count before and after posting this, to see how long it is. I could probably copy-paste into Word and check like that too. I guess.

Down to 4:30.

I was just writing, and going on and on, and had the feeling that this would be long, but then when the song with a name that is rather hard to spell and quite long as well came on (yes, I know the description, and now this explanation of it are incredibly longer that the name of the song is, but I really don’t care, shut up) I told myself I would write mostly non-stop until the song ended, and I am actually pretty close to doing that right now.

I think this is enough now, the song is down to 2:00. I am going to go get a wordcount, brb…

1030 so far, holy shit.

OK, we end now, I will talk to you all later, and no complaining I don’t make long pointless posts, because this was a complete 1071 words, with absolutely no point behind any of it.


2 Years Later

Way back, on September 26, 2003, I got my iPod, and the next day posted in my blog that I needed a decent pair of headphones because the ear buds hurt my ears. Over the summer while putting my ipod and buds in my backpack, one of the buds suffered puncture damage through its cone, rendering it to about 1/4 volume on the left side permanently. That left me with my $20 full ear Sony’s that aren’t really that great, hurt your ears after prolonged use, and are rather impractical for walking around with my iPod.
So, finally, today, I received my new decent headphones. I have been told in reviews that they require a break-in period so no comments on sound quality yet, but I have heard 99% positive about them before buying, so am excited to find out for myself.


It’s a strange thing. I use iTunes for all my music on my computer (like 99.9% of all mac users) and like many jukebox programs, it allows you to rate songs. I have a problem with this though, It allows you to choose from between 0 to 5 stars for each song. Why would you even have a song though, if you only thought of it as a 0 or 1 star? Hell, anything under a 4 should probably go. So, you need to totally rethink the way things are categorized when you rate your songs. It really screws with my head to do it.

Mill End is now at 70% off everything, right down to the racks and lights. I need to get over there and see what’s left.

Jenn and I went to the Birch Run RV show. It was pretty cool, some neat stuff.

We also ate at Arby’s. The gyros are good, but lamb is better.

I have currently spent $0.15 on bandwidth/storage. Not bad really. I figured like $3 a year, and $0.26 a month, so we aren’t too bad yet.

All right, See you Monday, with more than this I hope.

Free Songs, Yay!

First of all, this will probably be shorter that it could be. A few hours ago I had the energy to write a big long update, but started playing SC4 and am now tired and not caring enough.

Anyway though, Slurpees now have free iTunes codes on them. On the white 32 oz. cups, there is a (12 digit, I think) code that can be entered into iTunes for a free song. Every cup has a code, its down toward the bottom. This kicks the ass off the Pepsi promotion, cause A) All cups win, 1 in 1 chance. And B) It’s summer, so we drink a lot of Slurpees. And finally C) You can walk in the store, grab some cups, and write down the codes, they are very visible. Anyway, if you buy a slurpee, write down the code and email/IM them to me, please.


I guess like I said, played SC4 most of today, went to Rudy Js with Jenn and Mom earlier. Roger is out of town through Monday so I am released from the backyard for a while.

Jenn has Thursday thru Monday off, so we might go to Alpena or camping or something.

That’s about all.


Sorry, still getting over the whole Intel in my Mac thing.

Lyrics Are Not An Away Message!

No, really, that seriously bugs me. I have no idea why, but I am just strangely annoyed by people leaving lyrics for their away message. I mean, it’s an AWAY message, you’re supposed to put where you’re AWAY to. I guess if you’re listening to the song thats lyrics you posted, that would be ok. Also, a certain person who hasn’t read the blog in like 6 months has a habit of leaving horribly mushy sappy messages to her boyfriend, which outright pisses me off. So there, I said it, OK?

Anyway, I am bored now. I did all my homework. I still have tomorrow’s Network Essentials to do, but I have next weeks HTML and tomorrows JS all done. I don’t really feel like doing NE though, so I am blogging instead. Too bad nobody is online to talk with.

I think my plan of a new poll every 3rd blog is a bit too long. Since everyone seems to vote the first day it’s up, I could really change every blog. But no, I am too lazy, so I will go to every second blog. Thats a nice mix of long enough for everyone to vote, supporting my laziness, and yet not so long it just sits uselessly. So expect a new poll on Saturday (Scott already knows what it will be).

Nobody commented on having oddities, so either you have no idea what I am talking about, or Scott and Sarah are the only two experiencing it. I guess there is a strange phenomenon where there is a large white space on the sidebar, above the calendar. Scrolling down so the area is out of view seems to fix it, but if you refresh it comes back. If I have it wrong perhaps Scott will be nice enough to correct me in a comment?

Also, please use the poll and comments, really. Don’t feel like you don’t know me well enough to comment or something. Don’t be shy, tell me what you think, please. If some freakoid can leave one asking for a ser*al to S*m C*ty 4, then all you that I gave the address of my blog to can most definitely comment. And remember, I know you were here from the counter, so don’t pull any “but I haven’t been there” crap (you know who you are).

Wow, that sounded kinda harsh. I just want you people to give me your feedback though, I need it, I need reassurance that I’m not wasting my time on all this. I do it all for my peeps man, cause I love you guys 😥


I am jealous of Erica now. She has posted to her LiveJournal for 10 days in a row, has 197 posts, and will have her 1 year anniversary on April 21st. That means 1 year a full month before me, and has 90 or so more posts. Still, I am WAY more regular than Ms. “no posts for over a week”, so thats something.

Yeah, I am bored as hell.

Today is the last official day of the Pepsi/iTunes giveaway. The question is how long will it take to sell off all the yellow capped bottles. If any of you have some, and don’t want them, I would be happy to take them from you 🙂

Wow, 2 emoticons in one blog. That’s especially wowwing because I have never used even one before, except once in a title. Hmm… emoticons… Why only faces? Why not -> <- <-> @}-‘-,– and others?

And speaking of which, do you use -> or ~>? I used to use ->, but have switch over. For some reason I think it looks better.

Yeah, definitely bored.

Why is nobody good online?

You people need to quit school and hang out with me, it would be way more fun.

Oh, new Apple rumor… Mac OS 10.4 will be (drum roll) “Tiger”. Following 10.2 “Jaguar” and 10.3 “Panther”, of course. Problem is that it is an unconfirmed rumor. We know Apple will go with a cat, but has TMs on Tiger, Lynx, and some others, so who knows. Trouble here really being that 1 site reported the rumor, and with nothing better going around everyone else just jumped on it. If a confirmation comes in, then cool, if not, then we will just need to wait for WWDC.

You know, this is one of my longest blogs. I mean, it’s really freaking long. I am going to regret this when I need to do the Abstract.

Cassie has been sickish again. I think a lot of people are really. The weather getting warm screws with allergies and stuff. I am lucky, I seem to have gotten over like 99% of my allergies. They still come on sometimes, but nothing like they used to. Five years ago I would be miserable, and ten I would be considering suicide by now. I guess getting shots in the arm for all that time did the trick. “Good little immune system, good boy…”

Uhm, yeah…

I figure I should also mention that I only update every 3 days, for the few that seem to check every 6 hours for an update. That might change in a while (at the anniversary, it has been considered) but for now it is only on every 3rd day. I’m not saying don’t come, just trying to save you some time. Although, I will admit I check other peoples blogs way to often too, and will even check Crazy Apple Rumors 2 or 3 times a day, knowing full well its a once a day thing.


Ok, that’s it. I can’t really think of anymore.

See you on Saturday with a new blog and new poll.


“She don’t eat meat, but she sure likes the bone”

(No, Lyrics are not an away message, but they are a useful quote)

Is it Spring Yet?

Well hello to you all. It is 57˚ out there right now. That would be nice, except there is a 15 mph wind that is making it feel a good bit cooler. I want to get some good bike riding in, bad. My friend Erica, whom I have never met, is supposed to be getting a new bike this week. It is waiting at Wal*Mart for her to pick up. She said she would ride with me sometime, so I am kinda excited. Is always better to bike with someone.

I went to see “Taking Lives” with Cassie on Friday night, then we went out to eat. It was nice to see her again after a week. You people need to learn not to get sick, because it is no fun. Stupid germs.

Anyway, you will notice I have 2 counters now, and they have different numbers. I figured out why SiteMeter was acting up, and it is now under control. So, for a short period, I will have two counters. After that though, the Bravenet counter and poll will go away, I will get a new poll, and will get a search page. I figure a new poll every 3rd blog, that will give all plenty of time to vote.

For some reason some of you are having weirdnesses occur with the blog’s sidebar. If you have it, no matter who you are, please comment to me about the problem. I want to know who is seeing it so I can figure out what the cause is. Scott and Sarah, you don’t need to since I know you both have it.

Apple is planning something, but in true Apple fashion they are being very quiet. It has been suggested that anything from no updates until Septemberish, to a full product line replacement in a few weeks. The rumor sites are befuddled and I don’t know whats going on either. (yes, befuddled is a word, and that is the correct spelling).

I am up to 6 free itunes songs. I was at like 0 of 9, the got 1 on a 1 liter, another loser, then a second from 1 or 2 more 1 liters for 2 in 13. Then though, we went to 7-11 and one 3 out of 3. Night before last I got another on a 20 oz, so am suddenly at 6 of 17, which simplifies to BETTER than the estimated 1 in 3. The bad news though: Wednesday is supposed to be the end. I’m sure they will remain in circulation for a few weeks though, and winners can be redeemed until 4-30.

What else…

That might be it.


Ooh, here are some updates on stuff I mentioned in the past, but never updated on:

Book: No, I actually haven’t read since Christmas break.
Room: Yes, I did clean it, but it’s dirty again.
eBay: Nick listed some, but has been busy lately. Should be more up soon.
LOTR: No, I never did see it. Will be on DVD mid may.
Bike: No, I did not take it in for a tune-up. Unless something really funkinizes, I probably wont.

I think thats most of it.

Funkinizes, thats funny.

Ok, see you all Wednesday then.


Actual error from a message board:

“Sorry, this member has deleted their profile. You can only reply to members who have non-deleted profiles.”


Hey! I’m glad to see some of you are taking advantage of the comment system. Only 3 of you (well technically 2) but there are only 3 or maybe 4 that regularly read, so thats pretty good I guess. I have removed access to the counter details, for a couple reasons. I doubt many of you ever really used it anyway.

I am enjoying ipod more each day. I want to get some new headphones though, Looking at Sennheiser’s PX200s. Sennheiser is the same company that makes most Aircraft radio headsets and studio mics, so they already seem like a good choice. This model also has great reviews, as does the very similar 100 model. Plus, unlike the other higher end models I had looked at, they fold up nice and tiny, and are only like $40 -$50!

Also enjoying Airport card, using it right now! And now that 10.2.8 v.2 is out, my battery life is back to normal. My 6 hr battery that will generally give me about 4 hours in OS9 and 5 in X, was down to about 2 hours in X with the first 10.2.8 update. Maybe when Panther arrives (Oct 24th?) I will see even better time.

I am cleaning my room, very slowly. Moved bed, cleaned up computer table, filed some papers. Problem is brother’s stuff is skattered about too. Doubt will get much further tonight, and work tomorrow. Maybe finish Sunday?

Want to redo website again. According to counter, nobody goes there really, but what the hey, its something to do. Granted, that will mean beginning v.3 when v.2 isn’t even finished (or v.1 for that matter) but I always knew it was going to be a work under constant progress (hoped there would be progress anyway). Will decide before next update weather I will attempt it or not.

Received letter from IBEW, I am accepted for interview, what did I tell you. Interview will be next Wednesday (the 15th).

Ok, thats all for now. Want to try and get back to old blog, where I would just complain and you would read it and laugh. I guess thats a complaint, so I am doing well toward goal.


There are 10 types of people in the world.
Those who know binary, and those who don’t.