Cellphone Complaints

Well, here we are again. Its been 3 days so time for another update. Actually, for the first time I almost posted early, on Sunday, but decided not to.

Anyway, first on the agenda this time is you people. That I know of there are 7 of you people so far, but who knows how many there really are? Well, I suppose that blogger knows, they could just count the IP addresses that have requested the page. But getting to the point, I would like to know how many of you there really are, so I am going to try to set up a guest book or something, or maybe some way for you to just reply to the posts. Honestly, I don’t know how to know for sure other than requiring that you ask for a password to view the blog, and that would suck so it’s not going to happen. We’ll see.

Next up is, uhm, I forgot. My dog just walked up and tried playing and I lost whatever thought it was I had. Ohh, my website. I have a new one in the works, as I said in the last post I think, and its going better. There was more, but I’m not remembering it.

This week I am upset at cellphone companies. It seems that the cellphone I want is not in production. The closest I have seen is the Motorola t270 (no not the new 720, the 270) which was discontinued. It’s a no frills simple cellphone, similar to the current v120 except it can accept a bluetooth adapter. Yes there are bluetooth phones out, but they are nearly all Sony-Ericssons and only work on GSM networks, which suck. The t270 however was for CDMA, which is good. Hopefully later this summer when Motorola releases their new phones they will come out with something to my liking.

I am also upset at the carriers, for charging up the ass. You need to either sign a crappy contract or pay nearly MSRP for the phone, you end up paying either $.50 a minute or getting a plan with more time than you actually need, and you cant get the phone you want because it doesn’t seem to exist. And by the way, what good are unlimited night and weekend minutes if you need to spend them on the phone?

Ok, so what is the point? I’m not even sure but I think it has to do with me NOT getting a cellphone. At least not for a while. I see too many problems with a cellphone right now, and have many other things that I actually NEED or that I simply want more. Things like my car insurance, paying off the loan for my ibook, getting an airport card, and a few books I want to name a few. And yes, if you would like to donate, I will be happy to accept. Please e-mail or IM me for specifics.

Well, I think thats it for now. Remember to read crazyapplerumors.com because it is always hilarious, and I will be back in 3 days. And, if I get the urge to post sooner, I will do it this time (which probably means it will end up being MORE than 3 days this time).

Until next time,

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