My Last Last Day Off

Today was my last ever day of summer vacation, ever, for the rest of my life.  Tomorrow though, will be my last ever first day of school (in theory, though I will likely get a MS or MBA eventually).

Last weekend, we went to bay City, hung out for a while at my Mom’s, then to Hooligan’s for a while.  Good to see all the guys from the Library, and talked to Todd for a bit about his wedding to get some ideas for ours.

Sunday morning, Casey (Dad’s dog) got sprayed by a skunk, so he had to cancel going to Ren Fest with us to clean him up.  My brother was short on cash, so he was a no.  So, Jenn and I went off on our own.  My dad called us when we were about to Bridgeport to see if we had left yet, we offered to wait for him but weren’t up to going back.  He said no, so we kept going.

Ren fair was a lot bigger than Battle Creek’s, but kind of blah since we had just been to one a few weeks ago.  I was complemented three times on my kilt, and once on my “Pluto Replies” t-shirt.  We shot some archery, saw a 4 man joust, I got a t-shirt, and got a nice tan.

When we were finished there, we drove up to Garland to check them out.  We got half off as we were looking at a wedding there.  We had dinner, slept for the night, then met with the wedding coordinator in the morning.  It is a very beautiful place, and we are certainly interested.  Too many questions left though that we need to figure out on our own, and were not ready to commit to it.

Spent the week relaxing.  My biggest accomplishment was probably attaining Pro level at WiiSports Golf.

Yesterday Dane and Greg moved in so we went to El Burrito to catch up then went for a round of Disk Golf.  We made it through 14, played 15 – 17 as speed rounds, and called it too dark to do 18.

We gained 2 new family members Friday night.  Got a second Jack Dempsey and a snail, that are in a second aquarium.  As they are rather small, I don’t trust Jill not to pick on or outright eat them, so they are in my old 2.5 gallon.  It is way too old to keep them very long, but until I feel thay can go in the big one it will suffice.  When we move next year and are settled in, maybe I will get a 55 or 70 gallon for everyone to stay in.

I was right on my computer, it returned on Monday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t here, so I didn’t get it until Tuesday.  It’s all fixed though so I am happy so long as it doesn’t reoccur.

OK, thats all for now.  Will let you all know how classes are Wednesday evening or so.

BTW, 1 week to my birthday!


Spring Break

So, I am on Spring Break for the next week. Jenn and I hope to go look at some houses around Big Rapids at some point, and she is going to a nursing conference in Lansing. I think there was more, but I don’t remember it.

I took Molly for a 4 mile walk on Wednesday. We walked all the way to Jenn’s where I planned to sit until she got out of class about an hour from then. Then a guy who works for the apartments complained to me that I can’t bring a dog in, and I didn’t really want to make it to 8 miles in a day. Lucky for Molly and I, Jenn got out early and picked us up about 15 minutes later.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) there will be a Lunar Eclipse at sunset. Viewing should be best on the East coast, as the sun will set slightly earlier there giving a bit longer observing, but should be quite acceptable here as well providing the skies are clear.

Jenn sold her iBook on eBay today, for more than we expected.

Scott, clarify please.

And, that is all. I hope to update more over break, but we will see.


p.s. Nevermind Scott, I got it.

He Puts the Sip in Mississippi

So, whats been happening…

Last Wednesday I worked at the new Library, very cool. Set up 24 new computers there, and left many more still to be hooked up. Will be back there this Wednesday as well. Wednesday night Molly attacked a skunk and got sprayed. Having watched that episode of MythBusters, I knew baking soda, peroxide, and dish soap works better than tomato juice, so thats what I used.

Friday I worked, as did I Saturday, though Saturday I opened because Dan and I switched. Yesterday Jenn and I watched the SuperBowl, and made buffalo shrimp, buffalo chicken strips, chili cheese nachos, and pepperjack sticks (like mozzerella sticks, but different).

Today, I am working, then go to Delta for interview with Ferris admissions advisor, then CAD, then home. Tomorrow, of course, will be electronics, then speech, then home. Wednesday will be, as I said, work at Wirt. And Thursday will be lunch at OGW with Scott, then electronics, then machine tools, then sleep. Friday, I start at Wirt during my regular work hours.

I had hoped today would be slow, since we have been telling people for 2 weeks we closed on Saturday, but due to school being canceled everyone sent their kids here for me to babysit. Oh well, I still managed time to blog, so thats something.

So, since I have the Ferris appointment today, I was going through all me requirements and transcript, and found a goof in my planning. I am 1 credit short in one of the Gen Ed requirements for Ferris that I wanted to get done at Delta. Whether I should sneak in next year, or take a cooler class at Ferris (like Japanese or Russian), and some housing qustions are on my list so far, but I need to think up more later.

I have more pages on Google now, seems to go up every few days. Is exciting.

I got my state and federal tax refunds in on the 1st and 3rd respectively, and financial aid rebates are awarded tomorrow. Plus, I get paid on Friday. Woohoo, goodby credit card (sadly, not all of it though).

OK, thats all.

Will work on getting a new poll sometime soon.


Jenn's Birthday

Jenn’s 21st Birthday is in about an hour and 15 minutes, so we are getting ready to go to Grandpa Tony’s for dinner, so she can get a drink at 12. Needless to say, she is excited.

Jenn’s Mom came down yesterday, and she and my Mom met for the first time.

My mom and I walked the dogs Thursday night, and after about an hour we ended up at Jenn’s, 4 miles away. That was a LONG walk.

Todd Stevens had a bon fire last night, and Jenn and I went for a while. Always fun.

I realized earlier today that I missed the Blogiversary. May 27th the blog became 2. Here’s to a great 3rd year.

OK, we are leaving now, so see you later.


New Poll Tuesday.

Turkey Day is Coming

Hi all.

I might have a job, as a repair technician at Advanced Wireless. I turned in my resume yesterday and they called a few hours later for an interview. Problem is I am going to Alpena with Jenn tomorrow and wont be back till Thursday night, and of course they wanted the interview tomorrow. They were supposedly going to try and get me in today, but never called. Oh well, maybe Friday or Saturday.

We rented Mr. Deeds again a few days ago. The first time we rented it we forgot to watch it. This time, we tried to watch it, but the disk wouldn’t work right. Not in my ibook, my PS2, or our DVD player. Talk about a bad disk.

As I said above, I will be in Alpena from about noon Wednesday to 6 or 7 pm on Thursday.

Jenn and I went to the animal shelter and were looking at the dogs. In one cage there was a little black ball hiding in the corner, and deja vu immediately set in.  As it got up and walked toward us, it got worse. You see, Molly was a little black ball in the corner when we got her. This new ball is nearly a twin. A black lab, about 8 to 12 weeks old, and even has the white spot on its chest. This one is a boy though, and no spots on the paws. It would be nice, but we can’t handle another Molly.

I sold one of my 3 auctions on eBay, and shipped it out today. The other 2 are relisted until next Tuesday I believe. The freaking moron that wouldn’t pay has now left negative feedback claiming they did pay and I never shipped, so now I am fighting with eBay to get the comment pulled. Damn morons, screwing it up for the rest of us. Oh well, I am trying not to think about that, cause it pisses me off.

Anyway, I think that’s it. I’ll see you all Friday, with the post-turkey day update.



Only seven more days till Nick’s birthday. Twenty-two not exactly an important year. Sixteen you can drive, Eighteen you can vote, get freedom, legal adult, twenty-one you can drink and more adult stuff, twenty-five you get cheaper car insurance, twenty-two nuthin.

Apple Expo in Paris was Tuesday morning. New iMacs came out. They are thin now… two inches thin. I like the old iMacs better cause of the way they looked, but the new ones are faster. It was on at 4am here cause Paris is six hours ahead. There was no live cast but I followed the updates.

Broadway is half paved, we walked down the half of concrete with the dogs, but molly kept going in and out of the ditches. Fun Fun. Should be done soon hopefully.

ps. In case you can’t tell this blog wasn’t written by Nick, he didn’t want to so I (Jenn) wrote it. I did good didn’t I 🙂


I added pics of Ludwig, so you can all see what my turtle looked like. I should have Molly, Roxy, KC, and Shilo up by next time.

I worked today, and yesterday. We started back at Hughs’ but should be done tomorrow. We sepent the day cutting sod, which is one of the most evil jobs we get stuck with. It’s not so bad when it’s dry and peels right off, but when it’s wet like now it just won’t come up.

I spent Monday with Jenn, and was there last night too. Will be going there tonight too. I am almost considering not mentioning it anymore unless we do something big, since I am there every night for the last 3 weeks.

Toshiba unveiled their new 60GB 1.8″ drives today, so it shouldn’t be too long before we see 60 gig ipods. Maybe as soon as WWDC at the end of this month, but maybe not until early August. It depends on how soon Toshiba starts shipping them. I figure 20 40 60 as new lineup, but only Steve and Jon know for sure (Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, and Jon Rubinstein, head of the iPod division for those not in the know).

Salute your Shorts, Hey Dude, Clarisa Explains it All, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Care Bears, GI Joe, Punky Brewster, Pippi Longstocking, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 321 Contact, Alf, Dinosaurs, Eureeka’s Castle, The Elephant Show, The Joy of Painting, Mr. Rodgers, Beakman’s World, You Can’t Do That on Television, Bill Nye, Pete and Pete, Reading Rainbow, Connections, The Secret Life of Machines. Just thoughts. Leave any I missed that you liked, would love to hear. Maybe next poll will be related.

OK, I think that’s it. Be back Saturday with more stuff. PLEASE comment and vote, I always like feedback. And yes, I am working on getting the site back up.


Skinamarinky Dinky Dink,
Skinamarinky Doo,
I Love You

Another Day, Another Blog

Well, I decided I should update before going to Jenn’s tonight, so I don’t end up late again.

I kinda worked today. We mostly drove around to Dixie Cut Stone and to do a few bids. It’s something. Even if I worked for two minutes, it would be 2 more minutes than last week.

I’m watching “A Beautiful Mind”. I’ve wanted to see it for quite a while, but forgot it when at the video store. By the way, LOTR:ROTK comes out tomorrow, and I will be renting it as soon as I can get to a video store.

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. He is now 50. There was no big hoopla though, at least not while I was there. Generally they wait and celebrate my dad and uncle’s birthday together, around Memorial Day.

I am really excited for WWDC at the end of next month. Preview of OS X 10.4 Tiger, probably a new G5 with fun specs like double sided DVD writer and dual 2.5Ghz or faster 970s, and more.

Today is the 24th, which means next update will be the anniversary. That means I need to do a shitload of work on the site in the next 3 days.

So what have I been up to…

Yesterday I went to Jenn’s, shopped at Meijer, and ate at the Texan. Saturday was Meijer also, along with taking the dogs for a walk. The dogs being our Molly and Brittany, a Collie/German Shepherd my grandma is watching. And on Friday was, uhm… Oh, an update, so I already told you. Haha!

I really couldn’t remember for a minute there.

OK, so that’s all then.

I WILL do a nice, big update on Thursday, for my anniversary. And vote, you scardy pants. I only got 2 on last poll and 1 on this.


Suspect is down.
Suspect is down… permanently.


Hello all. It is about 4, and I am bored, so I am writing my update now.

Let’s see….

Well, I have done nothing since Wednesday, other than go to my JS class. Barb and her kids, my mom, and I went to Hooters at 6 afterward. Other than that though, just spent some time online playing around.

I guess I could work on the website some more, after the blog. I really need a life if I am going to do HTML for “fun”. Of course, we all knew I need a life anyway, didn’t we?

Molly keeps sleeping with me. Crazy dog. She wont sleep straight, she needs to be curled up with her chin resting on her hind legs. Takes up alot more room. Is weird.

Scott is outside plowing the street. He has scraped up alot, no idea where he is going to push it all. We will see.

My mom went for orientation for Addeco, to work at SC Johnson. Just waiting for drug test to come back, so shouldn’t be too long.

Snow was put on sidewalk at the corner, and across street in neighbors yard. They don’t have a sidewalk, so is ok.

What else…

Doobie, doobie do…
Do doobie doobie…


Well, I am fairly sure there was more, but I can’t think of any of it.

Apple hasn’t released anything since MacWorld. The Mac’s 20th was on the 24th, and nothing, several Tuesdays, and nothing. The supposed G5 update on the 28th has come and gone. I don’t
know what’s going on there. Only real news is Virginia Tech is upgrading there 1100 G5 PowerMacs with G5 XServes, supposedly at 2.4GHz, faster than what Apple is selling currently. That will be one royally kick-ass cluster.

Ok, I am going to go look for something productive to do. If I don’t my life may drop below that “meaningful” line that I would prefer to stay above.

See you all later,


“The hunger monkey is humping my leg.”