The Final Week

My last week at Delta, so sad.

So, the party went well. Fifteen people including myself, and loads of fun. Sadly, I do have quite a pile of leftovers though.

My physics professor made us the deal that if we get 100% on the last 3 assignments we don’t need to take the exam. Well, I just submitted the third and have 100% all around. Honestly, with a 91.9%, the exam is more likely to hut me. We have 3 lab grades coming back, but the chances of an A in the class are pretty much nil. A 4.0 semester would have been nice, but it doesn’t look like it will happen at Delta.

I had last CNC today, last Physics tomorrow (since I don’t need to show for exam I don’t need to take Thursday), and last Materials will be Wednesday. Quite exciting.

Scott earned the honor of 6000th visitor on Saturday morning. 6058th will break the old counters record later this week I hope.

Tulip festival starts May 5th, I think Jenn and I will go to that. Maybe get some camping in around there too.

Jenn has 4 interviews tomorrow at Spectrum and Saint Mary’s in GR.

OK, that’s all I have for now.


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