So, with only a few weeks left in Bay City, I decided it was time to start saying goodbye. Last week I went to BACC to see Mullin, but he wasn’t there, I might try again though. Yesterday, I went to Central to talk to Mr. West and Mr. Fitch. They are in the midst of a big renovation, including moving the library and computer labs, new windows that are original size rather than the screwy ones now, new classrooms and science labs, and more. After that, I called Tim Paradise at GM and stopped there.

I have to say, GM was a little depressing. The plant used to be very exciting and busy place, but it’s a little sad now. They finally had my alert system working, has been up for 3 years and just took it down around the 1st of the year. They moved it over to a new box and are adding to it to include door sensors, control for the scrolling marquee outside the door, temp and pressure sensors, and anything else Tim can come up with. The projects are still mostly the same. The nutcracker is temporarily discontinued as they work on the sensor system and a dowel conveyor that replaced the pencil sharpener. Also, since Harvey has little time with MTP, the tool box has been discontinued too. The dustpan is still a project though.

Harvey is no longer full-time apprentice coordinator, as no apprentice has been hired in 6 years, and all apprentices have moved up to journeymen by 2 years ago. He is mostly with planned maintenance now, and as I mentioned has little time with MTP.

Tim says he has about 4 years left till retirement, and is hoping he can retire from that plant. Unless some new contracts come to it, it could shut down around 2010. MTP funding was cut a few years ago from corporate, and now comes from the plant budget, and although they are trying to keep it going, it looks a little grim sometimes. When the plant budget gets to the point they need to cut MTP, the plant itself won’t have much time left anyway.

Tim let me in on what most MTP students were up to, and I let him in on what I knew. Rob went to Ferris for Welding Engineering and left state. April and Erica are both at CMU on and off. Erica I talk to now and then, so knew parts of that. Mike has been unheard from. Aaron is a journeyman plumber, but quit to become a meter reader for consumers. The only way to get in is a janitor or meter reader and work your way up, which he is hoping to do. I told Tim about Scott and Jim in the Navy, and Lupe at Delphi. He wished me well at Ferris and that was about all.

So, that was my fun yesterday.


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