Yay Summer!

So, here is the latest.

As of 9:30 AM Wednesday, I am on break. I never need to go to Delta again. Final grades are supposed to be up tomorrow.

Saturday Jenn and I went for a walk around State Park, and had a corn dog at Muscle Beach. I had heard they hand dip them, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. Walk was still fun. And, I set up my hammock and enjoyed that in the back yard Saturday night and a while yesterday.

Jenn accepted a position in the GIGU at Spectrum this morning, physical and all that is next week. We are going tomorrow to look at apartments.

I stopped by the library Friday. Yeah, they miss us. They had a 250+ computer day, we used to get maybe 200 in the summer. With the other branches closed, book check outs may be down, but certainly not computer use.

Jenn broke the counter record with 6058th visit, beating old counter currently at 6057.

I signed up on facebook. I was kind of bored Tuesday evening and decided what the hell.

My room is looking more and more empty. I have a ways to go but am getting there.

Camping should be soon. Not sure exactly.

OK, I am sure I forgot some. I meant to update Wednesday night but put it off, then forgot, then lead to this. Updates will probably remain rather sporadic for a couple weeks.

Ok, later.


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