The Post Formerly Known as "Purple Dragon Suicide"

Fun title? Yeah, thats what happens when you can’t think of anything good.

Smash My Phone
Talk about a weird pay site.

Anyway, Welcome to December, month 19 of the blog.

Normally I have trouble finding a quote for the blogs, but when writing the last blog I had 3 sitting there to choose from. A weird predicament indeed.

Jenn keeps bugging me to tell her what I’m getting her for Christmas. Only 2 people know, my mom and my brother’s friend Brandi. It’s funny.

I want chinese again. I just went to Old Great Wall a few days ago, but I feel unfulfilled. Scott needs to come back and go with me. Maybe Him, Jenn, Sarah and I.

Ok, See you Sunday I suppose.


Don’t you ever flush? It looks like a bucket of candy bars in there.

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