Happy Birthday iBook

Wow, it’s been 2 years now since I got the iBook. Makes it seem sad that I am already looking into replacing it. Honestly though, I was looking at replacing it with a 12″ PowerBook when it was barely a month old.

This post, 2 more, and then I am on number 200. Thats Tuesday the 14th by my count.

Jenn and I went shopping today in Saginaw. First we went to Olive Garden for lunch, but after 14 minutes and fully realizing the price, we left without even ordering drinks. We ended up at Bennigan’s next, and after eating we were so stuffed we never even shopped.

I bought Jenn’s gift yesterday. She knows where it is and it’s driving her crazy. I, on the other hand, am loving it. No, I shouldn’t enjoy torturing her, but I do anyway.

We might be going to Somerset in Troy later in the week, I think Thursday. I love that mall.

On December 20th Scott, Sarah, Jenn and I are going to Old Great Wall for lunch. I am excited. I liked it.

OK, that’s all for today.


8 out of 10 women use sex to get what they want.
The other 2 are ugly.

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