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Lets start with a little statistical summary. I am at 195 posts total, with 34 from blogger, 132 general, 6 pictures, 19 special, and 4 stories. In addition, I have had 3088 Visitors.

My Car died yesterday. Dead battery. My uncle recharged the battery and I drove it around for a while, and it seems ok now.

I still haven’t heard from Nextel. I am thinking I didn’t get it.

I have a new coat. Is a very nice Docker’s jacket, black with leather collar, and matching gloves.
Thanks Mom

Jenn and I went to “Old Great Wall” today. As a buffet, it’s really good. They had quite a few things I’ve never had before which is always good. Also, though we didn’t try it, they have a grill. You can pick from a whole bar of vegetables, lo-mein noodles, and meats and take them up to the chinese guy who promptly fries them up for you.

Ok, I all done. Till Thursday…


Math, my dear boy, is nothing more than the lesbian sister of biology.

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