Goodbye September, Hello October

It’s the end of the month. That could be good, and it could be bad. Bad because the car and truck both need new plates this month. Bad because I need to have everything out of our storage within a few days. Good though because I should have some money coming, and Halloween is only 31 days away.

I looked at working on the site, but didn’t make it far. Apple upgraded my storage space from 100MB for my idisk and 15MB for email to 250MB combined. It comes at 125MB each by default, but I moved it to 200 for the disk and 50 for email. To be honest, I never used all the 100 or 15. I also looked at switching blogging software. There is a decent app called BlogWave Studio that I looked into. It seems pretty good, but I saw some issues with it that I don’t particularly like. Beyond that though is the mere fact of switching over all the blogs I already have. I did it when I moved from blogger, but that was 4 months worth. Now I have about 17 months of blogs, and that’s a lot to swap over. maybe I would just leave them formated as-is, or maybe I just wont switch apps. It won’t be something that will happen before year end regardless.

Jenn is sleeping in my bed right now because her and her roommates haven’t been getting along. Mostly it’s her versus a specific roommate, with a second roommate always taking that ones side, and the third sitting there not saying a word. Yucky stuff.

Nothing else real great. Worked on clearing out storage today, yesterday I mostly sat around, and Tuesday I made some awesome stew. That’s about it.

Ok, see you all Sunday then I suppose.


Duct tape is like The Force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together.
–  Carl Zwanzig

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