New Look!

Well, you will notice a change of look. The five most recent blogs now display in entirety on the main blog page, and some color changes too. Also, I have changed the website, and I PROMISE I will update it.

So, in other news…

Jenn and I finished emptying our storage unit yesterday. That’s $69 a month we are no longer spending.

The presidential election has brought out something that I really don’t like. A lot of people I have heard from seem to be voting for John Kerry not because they believe him to be the better candidate, but simply to vote against George Bush. Yes, you should get out and vote, but voting for a candidate and knowing nothing about them is not a great idea. I too see that George Bush has done many things that I don’t believe in, but until I know that John Kerry is a better candidate, I am unwilling to vote for him. Just my view though.

OK, I think that’s it for tonight. See you all Wednesday.


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