Eww, Monday.

Jenn and I went for a bike ride Friday night to see the progress of the River of Time, they were pretty well set up by 9 ish when we were there. We went back Saturday to walk around. She seemed to enjoy it, and has become addicted to the kettle corn, likes the cream soda, and was having alot of fun watching this red bearded Scottish guy officiate a weird form of tug-o-war.

We were both sick over the weekend. Jenn is pretty much better, and I am not quite, but close.

We made shrimp stir fry last night. It was pretty good. My “Alton Brown’s Sweet and Sour Pork” is still the best chinese I’ve ever made though.

Thursday Tim came in from PA. He left today. I think i saw him for all of 10 minutes. Oh well, he is always busy when he comes into town, and now that I kinda have a life, it’s worse.

Also on Thursday, we had a plumbing problem. After work, there is nothing like a shower. I however, didn’t get one. As I ran water to get it at the right temp, I realized it wasn’t going down the drain. So, I shut off the water and tried plunging. I realized most of my suction was being lost to the overflow, so removed and plugged that. Then, I remembered that the tub, bathroom sink, and kitchen sink are all on the same sewage line, so plugged all them. After a few minutes, I went to see if the other drains were working, and they weren’t. I had worked the clog deeper along the pipe, rather than out like I had hoped. So, I began plunging on one of the two basins of our kitchen sink, and began getting hair and strings out. After this stopped producing much, I tried the other basin. A few moments later, the water started going down, and I was happy. The kitchen, bathroom, and tub all drained, but not where I wanted. I had heard a “waterfall” like noise just after the clog busted, coming from the basement. Upon inspecting, the pipe had burst. The old cast-iron pipe had all but rusted through, and the pressure from me plunging must have been the final straw. It was not pretty. I went over to Jenn’s to shower, as it had been about an hour now since I came home and was actually dirtier than when I started, and my mom called my uncle for assistance.

Two hours later my uncle showed up to help fix the pipes (Help is way understating it. He did pretty much everything as I had no clue. PVC – PVC is fine, but the whole PVC – Iron thing I don’t like, especially the cutting iron part.) It turns out the pipe was at least 50 years old, and had an opening about 1/2″ diameter through the 2″ pipe. Thats a lot of yucky buildup. All is well now though.

OK, that is all till Thursday.



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