You've Tried the Best, Now Try the Rest!

Hi all.

Question for you. You store glasses upside down because you don’t want stuff to get in them, or so they can drain, right? Why not dishes? Plates have a much greater surface area than cups, yet they are stored right side up. Would plates not have a greater chance of becoming dirty? You may argue that plates and bowls are nested, so only 1 would become dirty. But, that top one that would be dirty is most likely to be used. Also, some cups are nestable, yet are still stored upside down. Just something to think about.

I was looking at cell phones again. I decided I am still waiting. I don’t have any money, nor do i have a real use for a cell phone.

My grandma is driving me crazy. She has good intentions, but is getting into shit she has no clue about. I don’t expect everyone to know everything, I just want them to know enough to realize that they don’t know.

River of Time is next Saturday and Sunday. Jenn and I are going, all you are welcome to join.

Went to Todd’s bonfire with Jenn. Todd was entertaining as always. We learned that Carhartt coats burn very bright and very hot.

Jenn went with her mom and sister to Ann Arbor Friday. Her sister had to go down for an appointment with her pregnancy, and Jenn was to watch Johnny, her nephew. Turns out the baby was breached, and they scheduled a C-section for Saturday morning. So, Jenn was stuck in Ann Arbor very bored all day. Chris was bored here, so we went and saved her. My brother kept thinking he was in Grand Rapids for some reason.

Broadway has full pavement and curbs, just sidewalks, lights, and landscaping to go. The work in front of my house is done for now, but they need to return to replace the sidewalks and grass.

I worked Saturday for the first time in about 6 weeks. Needless to say I am a bit sore. Will be back at it again on Monday. It sucks, but I need a paycheck.

I think that’s it. Will be back Tuesday.


I think the title is funny enough.

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