Number 170

So what did I miss in Yesterday/Sundays update?

Monday was Jenn and I’s 4 month Anniversary.

Today is “Felt Hat Day” apparently.

I need about $1200 if anybody is rich and has nothing better to do. Well, I could use $1200, I really only need about $200 right now, to pay for .Mac and fulfill my Columbia House agreement.

For some reason our bathroom sink stinks. I’m not totally sure if it’s something in the drain, or something in the water. It seems more prevalent with hot water, but may be something in the trap that becomes more fragrant when warm. I should take it apart, but too lazy right now.

I believe tonight Jenn and I are watching Caddyshack, because she apparently has never seen it. If not, then tomorrow some time.

Ok, Considering I updated yesterday this is quite a bit. See you all Saturday, if I remember.


All quotes have been exhausted, please bare with me as I await somebody to say something cool.

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