Is The End Near?

I am wondering if the blog may come to an end. My .Mac subscription is up for renewal by October 1st, and I don’t know if I can afford it. This covers the blog, website, my .mac email, and my online back-up disk. I guess we won’t really know until October 2nd, huh?

I went with Jenn on Monday to go see her sister and new niece in Ann Arbor. Some screwy traffic on the way down. We got lost in the hospital a bit on our way out, then her windshield got cracked by a stone around Flint. We tried to go to the Flint Chi-chi’s, but they were closed (turns out the entire chain closed nation wide, we would decide to eat there the day they decided to permanently go belly-up), so went next door to Bennigan’s for lunch, it wasn’t as good as normal. Jenn was getting sick and was feeling pretty crumby by the end of the trip.

Since then, Jenn has become sicker, but is now becoming better.

I think that’s about it. See you friday, and remember the River of Time.


2 thoughts on “Is The End Near?

  1. Sarah says:

    Dude, you’d better keep the blog; what else would I read in my free time? Oh, and stop eating out at restaurants, and you’d be able to afford it.

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