It's May Damn It, What the Hell?

It was way to freaking hot out today. Not just hot, but freaking humid too. We only worked till 2ish, then gave up. I probably could have gone longer, but Mom and Phil couldn’t. Not that I mind going home early.

How you know you’re in the south end: Neighbors wait till 10:30 to mow lawn.

So, what have I been up to…

Monday we didn’t work, and I basically sat around all day. No, it didn’t rain, but it was supposed to. Tuesday we were at Hughes’ on Center, just East of Green. Were at same place today, and will be tomorrow (unless rain). You should drive by, it is looking really nice now, all new mulch.

Also, I went to the driving range again with Jenn yesterday. No, not the one with the car. I did pretty well. We then drove around for a bit. We went to the end of Jones Rd. to show her the bay, but we couldn’t see it. The water level is so low that there is nothing but reeds for about a mile out.

So, tomorrow I probably will work. They are calling for rain, but have been horribly wrong for the past, well, forever.

A few notes:
Yes Scott, I know his name is Bruce Campbell.
Very awesome on DVD, will need to borrow it. (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, read last 2 comments)

Ok, I think thats it. See you Saturday.

Oh, new poll up too.


If you act too stupid to know somethings wrong, it wont be.

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