OK, I admit it. I am late on this post. It is 2:24am on Sunday, and I was supposed to post on Saturday. Oh well. By old standards, this would be fine, so I deem it still so.

So lets see…

Only 1 vote on poll so far. That’s a bit disappointing. You people need to get it together.

My past few days activities…

Thursday and Friday we did not work, since it was supposed to rain., It did some, so that was a nice break. Saturday we did work though, so I will have an at least decent paycheck.

Thursday I went on a 16.2 mile bike ride, as a follow up to the 10 I did Wednesday night. A note for you all: Don’t do 10 miles, then 15 a mere 14 hours later. After you pass 5 miles, it’s not so bad, but until you get that far there is some pain.

I have been spending the past several evenings wit Jenn. We went to the Driving range on earlier in the week, went to Carrol and Maplewood park on Thursday, and Maplewood again on Friday. Roller slides are awesome, I forgot that. Especially when they’re wet, its much better. Today we went to Dutch Village for putt putt, Texan for dinner, and then to the end of Finn Rd. to watch the sunset.

That would be about it. I highly suggest you all go find a roller slide, or go play at a park you haven’t been to in several years. It is a lot of fun. Wet slides and swings with puddles below are too much fun to leave behind.

See you all Tuesday,


Pedestrians always have the right of way,
Except when their in the way.

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