I was in Wyoming!

Really, Scott asked me yesterday to go with him to take a couch from his apartment in Mt. Pleasant to his sister’s house in Grand Rapids, so we went through Wyoming, MI. We also had the privilege of seeing “The Eat Place” in St. Louis. Then we got the tickets for Bubba Ho-tep and I got to sit home for a whopping 2 hours.

Bubba Ho-tep was extremely funny. I’m not totally sure, but it should be available for rental, and I highly recommend it.

I got my grades from Delta, A, A, and B in HTML, JS, and Networking respectively, as I predicted.

Friday I worked, shoveling mulch. I didn’t get a pay check this past week, because I didn’t work the previous week. Oh well, will get one this friday. Worked Thursday also, but you know that from the last update.

Been riding bike more too. Trying to do at least 7 miles a day. I should be doing more, but the only days its not raining, I work and am a bit too tired to do more.

There is a thunderstorm right now, and there was just a big thunderclap that even set off some car alarms. There has been quite a bit of thunderstorms lately. According to Delta’s weather page we’re at 2.3″ of rain the last I checked, and its only the 9th.

Speaking of dates, the 7th was 1 year since we moved, and since I let Ludwig go. I miss the house, I miss my turtle. But they are gone, and I have moved on (kinda).

Ok, that’s it for today. Will see you all on Wednesday with a new poll too.


If you drank all the kool-aid from the big pitcher guy, would he die?
(he did in Homer’s daydream anyway)

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