Mmmm, Blog… <drool>


I have a headache.

I hurt.

Damn wisdom teeth.

Anyway, I went to lunch with Scott and Sarah today. Golden Dragon has egg rolls the size of a burrito, it’s cool. Tomorrow morning I need to be at state park at 9:30 for an interview. I do not look forward to being up so early. Then, at like 6:10, Jason, Nick, and I are going to BC8 to see LOTR:ROTK.

Apple has been real shitty with updates. We haven’t seen shit since MacWorld. And, I’m like 0 for 9 on itunes caps. One in Three my ass.


Spring break has been boring. Although it officially started Sunday, it really didn’t start for me until today, since today was the first day I would have had a class. I guess vacations can only be truly appreciated when you have something to vacate.

No, I haven’t done any work on the website. I have a list of things to do here, but haven’t been up for it lately. Perhaps soon, perhaps not.

Ok, thats all for now. I need to take a DVD back and get some stuff from Meijer’s.


“Don’t nobody wanna go ta Mexican prison. They shove all kinds a burritos in you there.”

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