Birthday Week is Over!

Yes, Birthday Week. It actually stretches a bit over a week really. My Grandma’s on 2-27, Lauren’s on 3-4, Erica’s on 3-6, Jim’s on 3-8, and other Erica’s on 3-12. They are 72, 20, 21, 21, and 21 respectively. So a happy belated birthday to you all.

For some reason i thought I was waiting for the 900th visit at mid month, but it was 850. That 850 came before I expected it too, which probably added to the confusion. Anyway though, Suchyta was the 850th, on 03-09-04 at 11:11 am.

What else…

I haven’t been doing much lately. Jason and Suchyta both cancelled, so I still haven’t seen LOTR:ROTK. Is at Hampton 6 until Thursday, so I give them until Wednesday and then I am just going.


When you buy a pop, it is 12 or 20 or whatever fluid ounces, right? But being carbonated, a certain amount of that volume is really just suspended carbon dioxide. So the amount of the actual drink if a certain amount less. I think I may need to devise a way of measuring what amount of your pop is actually just air.

I have been looking online for a new crankset for my bike, but don’t see it happening. In all honesty mine is fine for now, there are better things to spend $$ on, and if I did replace my crankset, I would need a new chain, possible a new shifter, and definitely a new bottom bracket. So even if I went with a less expensive say $99 crank, I would need at least $100 in other stuff replaced as well. That just can’t be done right now. Heck, the bike is only worth $600. Either way, that I am putting this much thought into it is proof of one thing: It is almost biking time, and I am excited!


I have to go back to school soon, Wednesday. I guess that’s not real soon yet. Next blog on Tuesday, then it will be soon. This will be week 8 I think, so am over half done with semester.

Our cruise was March 17 – 24, 2001. That means we left 3 years ago Wednesday (it was a Sunday in 2001). It was fun, except the plane, I hate plane’s. Not afraid of them or anything, the cabin pressure just screws my ears up bad.

Ok, that is enough for now.

I will see you all on Tuesday.


Things that just shouldn’t go into children’s books:

“Are you my mommy?”
“No, but if you want, you can call be Daddy.”


I am a moron

It’s 4:20 am Sunday now, and I just noticed that the last post on Wednesday was my 100th blog posting. I can’t believe I missed it. It’s one of the magic miracle things I talked about endlessly, and I missed it. I am really bad with these anniversaries. Anyway, I guess happy 101st post. Maybe for my 100th on iblog I will remember. And we still have the 100th visitor and 1 year anniversaries to go too.

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