Spring Break

Yes, it is now spring break (for me anyway). I actually have plans on almost every day this week, which is odd for me. At least none of them include school though.

Lets see, Cassie came over Thursday and we watched Office Space, Friday I didn’t really do much, Saturday night I went with Cassie to meet her friend Chris and his gf Kara. Today I went to K-Mart for this entertainment center that was a) sold out and b) a piece of shit anyway. I ended up buying some stuff at Staples, but am still looking for a better TV stand/entertainment center.

Tomorrow Cassie is coming over after class to finish a movie we started yesterday, Tuesday I have lunch with Scott and Sarah, and Thursday morning I will have interview at state park.

Not much work on the website. Oddly I gave myself until May 27th to do it, but I am pretty much done. Maybe I should make more changes and such. I’m sure there is something that isn’t working right if I looked. Right now though the v.3 B4 is right where the current site is. Only real work I still have planned is finding more pics, figuring out the RSS feed, and adding more links. I am also trying to decide of the JS pop-up page should be left as-is, updated with new massages, or should just go away.

The weather sure has been weird, huh? I liked it being warm out though. I want it to come back. I am suffering from bicycling withdrawal at this point. I don’t like the cold. There is nothing to do.


I guess thats it. I can’t think of anything else to say, and don’t want to bore you with more details on the above, so I will see you all Wednesday.


“Hey, I’ve been god, and I’ve met god, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you can’t count on god to do squat.”

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