And on the Seventh Day, He Blogged…

Well, MacWorld was kinda sucky, but it could turn out ok. Last year, Apple released a new or updated product every Tuesday for over a month after MacWorld, so there could be plenty more coming. Anyway, we got the new mini ipods that suck, because although a good amount smaller than standard ipods (which are already tiny) they are $249 for a 4 gig. Hell, spend the extra $50 and buy a full 15 gig thats only a tad bigger, and holds over 3x more.

Also released were FINALLY the G5 XServes, which took so long due to cooling issues. Also, their companions, the XServe RAID, now at 3.5 TeraBytes (3,500 Gigs). New versions of the ilife apps came along as well. iMovie went from 3.0.3 to 4.0, iTunes and iDVD moved up, and oddly, iPhoto went from 2.0 to 4.0, which is needless to say odd. But the big news, and clearly highlight of the expo keynote, is GarageBand. This new iApp is the consumer version of Soundtrack, as iMovie is of FinalCutPro. Garage Band allows you to use your electric guitar, midi keyboard, and/or pre recorded loops to compose music. It features over 1000 loops, 50 midi instruments, and 7 guitar amps, and is only $49 ($29 edu) compared to $299 for Soundtrack.

So, we will see what the coming weeks bring. I am going to NAIAS Sunday, so my Tuesday update will include that, and any new releases from Apple Tuesday as well.

I was looking online for bike trails, and found a tour in September that runs from Muskegon to Bay City State Park. Thats over 150 miles, in 1 day. I said “Those people are freaking crazy.” After some thinking though, so am I. I am not saying I am going to do it, but I am going to see what I can do. If I do some training over the summer, and get some endurance built up, who knows. Start small, and work up, its not until September 6th anyway, right? BTW, anyone else crazy? (hint hint…)

What else…

Not many people reading the blog lately. Not just you people on vacation, but in general. From June 6 to October 12, I had 200 visitors. Shortly after I was put on google, and by November 15th I had 400, and 600 by December 16. So, with January 15th approaching, so should be 800 visits? Well, it seems my s*m c*ty ser*al trick worked, and I’m not even at 650 yet.

The Library is now up, and I added links to the bottom of most pages to allow you easy access back to where you came, be it to the home, previous directory, or just the top of the page. More work will be done over time, but as school is creeping up, they may slow down. Though, with advanced HTML and JavaScript coming, there should be some good stuff coming.

Well, I guess thats it for tonight, see you all Saturday.


Were number drunk!

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