Wow, 80

Eighty posts, thats a new record. Blogger record was 79, tied on Wednesday.

I have compiled some reminders for the dumber people:

When in the shower, use the hair dryer to dry your hair while soaping with your other hand, saves time.
Always reduce time, as with fractions, so 10 to 5 would be 2 to 1.
If you’re low on cash, kill yourself, and collect the insurance money.

This is the last post of my vacation. My classes start Wednesday, but the online class technically starts Tuesday, on which I post, so this is it.

I was tested for TB yesterday, as an employee of the Hedge is in the hospital with it. Chances of me having it is very low, as it is only contagious when symptoms are showing, which they weren’t. Just the same, a $10 precaution isn’t bad.

Rumors are that a new G5 will debut on Jan. 20th, along with more on 10.3s least mentioned feature: Pixlet, a loss-less video codec. Pixlet is meant for pro customers, so receives little mention at consumer events, hence its mention only last year at the WWDC, and the coming G5 update.

I have accomplished less than hoped over break. I did manage 3 job apps, and site updates, but book is unfinished as is room cleaning. I did make dents though, and did something else, not sure what…

NAIAS trip is tomorrow. I haven’t been there in three years. Maybe I can convince the guy at GMs private area I am still an employee? Free pop and snacks, WOOHOO!

I played with site and blog last night. I shrank the banner image on site to 600 pixels long, from 800. 800 was too long, and 600 seems short. I presume most of you are using a 1024×768 resolution, so I am aiming for something neutral on that. As for blog, I was playing with the style-sheets that control all the colors, but cant find one I really like. I want to change both blog and website theme to A) match each other, and B) look not so cheesy-beginner-esque. Will do some trials on own, and post for your amusement when I find what I like.

Ok, I am tired, so heading to bed.

Till Tuesday,

Being an assisted suicide physician is a nice job, because even if the customer really doesn’t like your work, they still can’t complain.

One thought on “Wow, 80

  1. Scott says:

    you might tell us (me) why you are happy now, in a week or more?

    Scotthiew isnt that annoying… I think I was the one to start that at GM.

    I hope you get in at GM soon to. I am REALLY tired of school.

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