Almost Over

Yup, only one more week off, then I will be dragged back to school. Oy, I am not particularly excited, but it was my choice, right?

Also, MacWorld Expo San Francisco begins Tuesday, with the keynote at noon. I expect some cool stuff, and will let you know all about it Wednesday in next post. Maybe some cool new dual 2.5GHz XServes, and new versions of all the iLife software? Mini 2gb ipods?

I have entered all my CDs and DVDs on an Excel spreadsheet, and am almost done with books. Should be able to finally get the library page up by the end of this week.

I talked to Jason, and I will be going to the North American International Auto Show next Sunday. I haven’t been to one in 2 years, since I was working at GM. They are cool, and just $12.

I have cleaned computer up more, the HD is finally organized. Instead of a dozen folders of random stuff, there are just 3 disk images I need to burn, very nice.

Well, I can’t think of much else, so I will let you all go till Wednesday, should have plenty to say then, either praising or bashing Apple. Ahh, just like old times.

bye bye,

“And now, a man who needs no introduction…”

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