Different Continued

What is with these bugs? These little LadyBug looking things are everywhere, and they bite, and are plain annoying anyway.

Apple announced the release date for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther yesterday. Will be available 8:00 pm October 24th for $129, $69 student. Mine is already ordered and will be delivered late day the 24th. Jason, Nick, and I also plan to drive down to the Somerset Apple store in Troy for the party too (exit 69, Big Beaver Rd.).

Got S*m C*ty 4 CD 2 finally. Game is awesome, much faster than forums led me to believe. Budgeting and keeping population happy is much harder than in SC2K.

No progress on cleaning room. Between SC4 and work, not much time.

OK, so here’s the poem then. This is from 11th grade English. Were took a walk around the school, then wrote a poem about it. Most were generic boring rhymes. Mine though, well, you’ll see. Not greatest, but better than most.

Ok, have fun.

till Sunday,

“Poem” was originally posted here but has since been moved to the Portfolio section.

2 thoughts on “Different Continued

  1. Scott says:

    That has to be the most awesome fairy tale ever!!! Whats the moral, if you dont give up on your dreams you will fail cause it is never worth the effort (from Bertha take the time to track down Herbert only to get bitched at and killed) and if you dont try for your dreams you will die a slow lonely death (like Herbert). So we are all screwed. good realistic story, plus was funny.

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