Something Different

Hi all, hope you had a good weekend. What do you say we start with news.

Mac OS X 10.3 may be out this month. Rumors point to between the 24th and the 30th. Every day they seem to become more reliable, and the date becomes more likely on the 30th.

I downloaded the demo of Dreamweaver MX 2004. Supposed to have really good CSS support, will play with it for a while. Also want to try GoLive CS, the successor to my current app GoLive 6.0. Yes, I do know HTML, but you should see website code. Not too horrible using tables, but going to CSS will make hand coding very ugly.

Because some have asked, there are 2 main reasons I removed counter details. First is it shows most of your IP address, which isnt nice. Granted, its not all, but it brings it from near infinite possibilities to 256, which I don’t like. Second (and really the only, main, and most important) is that it was only a 60 day trial to list on website. Unless you want to pay $10 a month to see your IP, it’s over. I can still see it though, and I have thus far had visitors from: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, the UK, and the US.

Pretty good for a little blog in Bay City.

Uhm, what else. I guess thats it, so here is the “Something Different.” In 10th grade, I had to re-write a fairy tale as an English assignment. I did so, got a good grade, and didn’t think about it again. While cleaning my room this weekend (which isn’t done) I came across this story and a poem. Today, you get the fairy tale, and Thursday, you will get the poem. Is just copied and pasted from word doc, which was scanned in from the old printout, so all spelling is only up to my 10th grade skills (which are probably higher than now). Formatting and font will likely get screwed up.


My Beauty and the Beast short story was originally posted here, but has since been moved to the Portfolio Section.

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