Happy Anniversaries!

Today we have 3 special anniversaries:

1. Post 50
2. Day 128
3. Visitor 200

With the combined blogger re-posts, test iblog posts, and general posts, this is my 50th blog entry. That should mean 150 days, but I posted rather erratically at the beginning, so I wound up ahead.

I have been blogging since May 27th. That means today is the 128th day I have had a blog, which is a special number in computing (notice memory comes in 32, 64, 128, 256? It’s because computers are binary) (128 is 2^7). Not extremely special, but better than nothing.

And the 200th visit. Obtained by Lauren Anna Exora Somalski at 10:29:47 pm. You may be saying “but the counter wasn’t always up, you blogged for a while before you started counting, I could be the 200th!” Well, I am here to say that “You’re talking to yourself, and we don’t care what you say!”

And most important, I didn’t miss this one! Remember last anniversary, when I forgot to post? Yeah, we’ll avoid that.

Anyway, thats that. I was in the middle of Java homework when I remembered it was 3 days. IBEW interview Wednesday, will let you know…

See ya,

I want to open a mexican restaurant, “los pantalones del perro”
(the dog pants)

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