Hello World!

Hi, and welcome to another action-packed episode of Nick’s Rants.

I spent about 3 hours copy-pasting and formating the HTML from old blog into new posts on this blog. They have original formating, original links, and original typos. I titled the ones I posted on blogger’s site, and left the Kung-Log entries with their original title. The only real modification is I fixed the first link I made, to Vervante’s website (I guess that means my contest is over). They are listed as being posted on their original date, and contain the original post date and time in the summary. By the way, ALL posts now have a summary, should make it easier to figure out what your in store for.

Also, almost done with the new website. Essentially the same as current, but no frames (which annoy me) and is easier for me to play with. Expect it to be up within a week or so.

Apple released new 12, 15, and 17 inch PowerBooks Tuesday morning at 4 AM EST. I was actually going to post that right away, but held off. Also, the Bluetooth Keyboards and Mice debuted. Overall very exciting. See Apple’s site for the details.

Found a major annoyance. Junk mail advertising Spam filters. Seriously, what the hell? Someone sends you spam about preventing spam? Thats like a guy breaking into your house to sell you a security system. Well, maybe not that bad, but still. It’s rediculous.


“Stand back, theres a hurricane a-brewwin.” Nevermind, WWE thing. Seriously though, Isabel is on it’s way, looks like we might get quite a bit of rain. Time will tell.

Also on the way is my cousin, Tim. Actually, he should have landed over an hour ago. He’s in town for his parents 50th birthdays, celebrating both now, about half way between.

The Logitech wireless keyboard I got my mom is working well, except there is no Caps Lock light. If anyone knows of a menu bar or dock item that would indicate this, let me know. I know of some for OS 9, but can’t find any for X.

Is that it? Hmm. Ohh, in going through old posts, came up with the following stats:

May 236 words
June 3280 words
July 3350 words
August 4309 words

Impressive yes? (except the formatting. All fonts should be monospace, its so much easier) Actually, that includes HTML tags, so its a good bit less, I think. Oh well, you can see which months are longer and shorter anyway. So thats something.

This is number 42, and counter on site says 93, I am feeling better about this whole thing. Apparently people are reading. Counter stats list Austin, TX, Great Britain, North Dakota, and Chicago ISPs, and more. Most are CharterMI.net and CMich.edu though, which is expected.

Ok, that IS all.

Til Sunday,

If I wanted your opinion, I would give it to you.

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