Hello? Is this thing on?

Went to casino with Suchyta tonight, just got back. Had fun, left only a bit behind. I have zero luck.

Crazy Apple Rumors is back from Vacation, after over a month. Just in time to cover Apple Expo in Paris, 3 AM ET, Tuesday morning (about 4 hours from now.) Possibilities include new Powerbooks, new ibooks, new Xserves, new displays, release of Panther, itunes for windows, and a few iapps. Powerbooks are most likely. Too bad it wont be webcast, at least not live. Last years was, its available here.

School is going ok, though Unix becomes more boring everytime I think about it. Should have taken online, she just doesn’t have enough to keep us interested for 2 hours.

Virtual PC is being a bitch about my printer. I may have a fix coming though. More on that later.

Wow, I just realized how little of this matters. Its all crap. Go read CARS, it’s much better. And watch the Gollum video on main webpage, it’s coming down soon.

Til next time,

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