Can I write for 3 days before the post?

This is my first try at writing stuff as I think of it, for 3 days, then posting it all as normal. If it works out, I may stick with it.

HUGE news: I’m on Google!
I fixed the counter so it counts both the website and the blog, and when looking at the visits, I noticed it was listing google searches as the referring URL. Sure enough, if you type “nslyax” on google, you get my blog! (along with some macrumors forum posts and my completely unused geocities page) the search terms I have been found by include:

“airport card” ser*al number:
people counters: unpack G5:
iblog ser*al:
s*mc*ty 4 ser*al number:
number s*m c*ty 4:
isync motorola v120:

Awesome, huh? You can check them out yourself. Just click the counter, click “details” on the next page, then click the number before the domain (i.e., etc…). You can also click “Who’s On” to see who’s been on in the last 20 minutes, including you!

Other site/blog updates include a link back to the homepage, and I posted the new website, which is frame-less. I hate frames, but at the time it seamed like the best choice. They are gone now though and I am glad. let me know if you prefer it or not. I don’t know why I say that though. Nobody has ever said if they like a change or not, or answered any question I post. There not rhetorical people, I really want to know (I give credit to jason for applauding the new post summaries though). Also, I have accepted that the website doesn’t matter, and that I might as well post everything on it as a blog entry and leave a link on the front page of the blog. But what would be the fun in that? Another question is weather I should gizmate the website (yes, that is a word, because I say so). I could add a comment system, or a poll, or whatever. Let me know.

For some reason I need to have an internet obsession. There really isn’t that much to do online unless you do a lot of the same thing. Just this year I have obsessed over:

S*mC*ty 4
Rare Apple items
Any new Apple product
Mountain Bikes
Bike Trails
Delta Classes

Currently, its getting a $169 refurbished ipod from Apple (more on that below). Most of last year was based on wanting a new computer. And btw, still no SC4cd2.

“Fox News, Fair and Balanced Hurricane Coverage.” Yeah, we don’t want to be prejudiced against an ACT OF NATURE! I like Fox news, more than the other news channels, but come on.

I wanted to buy the refurbished 10GB ipod on the Apple Online Store. It was only $169, which is $230 less than when new. But, I hesitated and they got sold out. So I was waiting for some more to come in, and I was going to order one ASAP along with a $51 airport card, at $28 off. It sold out too. So I was considering, since I have an MBNA rebate that expires on 9/28 that I would buy the 15GB which is the newer model, but costs a whopping $279. Hey, I get $25 off though, and its a 15 and the newer model. It sold out too. So, just to put a final test to my powers, I am going to publicly announce right now, that unless one of my previous goal models becomes available by 9/28, I will buy the 20GB previous model for $269. Now, lets see how many hours until it sells out.

Have you heard about them wanting to crash Galileo into Jupiter? Well, they do, it’s almost out of fuel and to prevent the slim chance that stowaway microbes may inhabit Europa, NASA plans to turn Galileo into Jupiter and let it burn up on entry. Thats crazy enough, I mean what are the chances of microbes surviving 14 years in space, and then making it to Europa. It gets better though. A group believes that since Galileo is Plutonium powered, the heat of entering Jupiter’s atmosphere will set off an atomic explosion. Then, since Jupiter is mostly hydrogen, it will go into nuclear fusion, creating a new star, or simply exploding.


Heres why:

  1. The plutonium of Galileo is the wrong isotope, it is incapable of fission.
  2. The arrangement of the Pu on Galileo is wrong. It is in linear tubes, and would need to be in a sphere to enter fission.
  3. The hydrogen on Jupiter is the wrong isotope. For fusion to take place, you need Deuterium or Tritium (hydrogen with 1 or 2 neutrons, regular hydrogen has 0).
  4. To maintain fusion, you need “critical mass”. Jupiter is WAY under critical mass, which means the heat from any fusion that takes place would push away all the other hydrogen, stopping the reaction.

And there were a few more. A better description is available here. I just found it amusing.

What else.

My cousin Tim is in town. Arrived Thursday, leaves Monday. Came for his parents surprise party.

I think thats it. I’ve been writing crap for 3 days, and see I have quite a buildup. I can’t think of much else to add, so I guess I just need to post it all. If I try this again, I will need to work on organization though, because its just kinda here-and-there.

Ok, ttyl,

Every cloud has a silver lining,
And each year millions die of lightning strikes trying to reach it.

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