24 (late)

It’s the first time, but I did it.

I’m late.

Technically not though. I generally post a day late, but only by like an hour, not 23. Oh well.

My allergies were REALLY bad last night, went to bed early.

I did see Bad Boys 2 last night though. REALLY good movie. Definitely see this in the theater, don’t wait for the DVD (If your waiting for the VHS, I will kick you, no, really). You don’t need to have seen the first one, but it was a good movie so see it anyway, got to help a little.

So I hurt my back, and hit my shin with a sledge hammer, well now I whacked my knee getting out of the shower. Dislodged my knee cap or something. I suck.

Finally got CATV and Ethernet upstairs. My TV cable was kinked though, and the reception is suffering. Am going to check the connections, try our amplifier first, but will probably need to re-run the cable.

Downloaded Konfabulator and CandyBar, Both really cool. Konfabulator puts Java widgets on your desktop. You can choose from 1100 pre-made or make your own, anything from weather to calendars and mp3 controls to system uptime monitors (at 3 days, 10 hours and 29 minutes now). CandyBar replaces all the finder icons system wide. Folders, disks, the trash, network files, audio files, movies, toolbar icons, all of it. Konfabulator is free, though they do ask for a donation. CandyBar is $12 something shareware, free for like 2 weeks.

My cousins and everyone is gone now, (woohoo). My other uncle is supposed to be in town in a couple weeks for his high school reunion. Haven’t seen him in 7 years, since our first year on Wagner.

BTW, my birthday is September 8, just 36 days away (HINT HINT). I will be 21 and no, I will not buy you alcohol (without a bribe anyway HINT HINT).

Well thats all for now. Back to normal schedule, as if I hadn’t missed.
Number 25 on Tuesday


“I see fraged people”

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