Life sucks. You can never do anything up to anyone else’s standards, but if you quit trying you just get it worse. You can do anything and everything they want, and even more, but they can always find a fault. It’s useless to clean your room, because the door is closed, so who notices, even if it took all day. And if they tell you “dont worry about the …”, that better be the first thing you do, or you better stay far from it. Depends on their mood, and you’re a mind reader to know, because you’re “perfect like them”.

Sorry, bad day, well, bad 15 minutes, but enough crap for about a week.

This is number 25, might be a milestone or something. Don’t seem to do well at those though, so we will forgo anything special.

Working on getting bedroom in order, now that all the little people are gone. Have been trying to do this since we moved in in what, april? Good luck, huh… Not going too bad really. Just need to press on I guess.

Ok, you all go enjoy your busy little lives, with your happy little families. I’ll just sit here in hell and wait to die. Don’t mind me, I can take it, I hope.

Horribly depressed,

Don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth.
It’s senseless, you’ll never tenderize that thing.

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