I dont want to do this, I want to go, but you are making me do this, so I am going to do it poorly.

I want to move the blog. Nothing wrong with it, I just think I am going to try and put on Apple’s server. Something like homepage.mac.com/nslyax/blog. That way it would be with my website, and I could move to movable-type maybe, for more features. I don’t know.

Just a few more days and the boys will be gone. Thank god.

I hurt. Hurt back BAD yesterday. Lidocaine patch and a soma later at least I was asleep and couldn’t tell I hurt. Definitely hurts again though. Then today I missed and whacked my shin with a 5 lb. sledge.

Saw DareDevil. Pissed me off, but a good movie. Won’t give anything away.

Got my T-shirts in. Want to see them you got to ask, I don’t want to explain. Anyway though, I bought one on ebay, and she had a second that hadn’t sold, so shipped to me. Cool.

Ok, off to lay down because I hurt. LAUREN, I NEED A MESSAGE!!!!!!!!!!


remember: it takes 3 lefties to make a righty, or something like that

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