Missed a whole post!?

Well, I competely missed the last post. I was out at Jason’s, and have been rather tired the past few nights, so decided rather than making it late I would just skip it. So, here it is, my newest post.

Lets see, hmm, Harry Potter. Wow, why the heck would anyone sit in a bookstore at midnight for a book this bad? I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it. Oh well, we will just move on.

The Apple G5 Spec leak. Wow, I hope you didn’t miss it. For whatever reason the specs for the new G5s were released on the Apple Store at about midnight last night, and disappeared by 12:30. The specs can be found online at several places, so I wont bother repeating them here. Weather they are the true specs, we wont know until Apple wants us to. Was it a hack? Was it a goof? Was it steve screwing with us? Only time will tell.

What else. My brother has a vehicle now, but no license yet (where as I have a license but no vehicle, maybe we should get together more often?). Its a 1978? K5 Blazer. Its this weird gold color and silver. Its not bad shape for what he payed, and seems to be a decent vehicle.

Ok, like I said I’ve been tired so thats all for now. Sorry about leaving you all (all 10 of you) waiting for the update only to make it so small.

See ya,

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