The G5

Well, I was late. I have a good reason though, several in fact, and here they are:

Yes, its coming. The leaked specs were all true too. Up to dual 2.0Ghz 64 bit PowerPC 970 processors, up to 8 GB of DDR RAM on an 8GB/s bus, 3 PCI-X slots, an AGP 8x Pro slot, Serial ATA, Firewire 400 and 800, USB 2.0, an external Wi-Fi antenna port, optical and analog audio in and out, and more. All this for $2999, or just $1999 for the single 1.6Ghz. Plus, the preview of Panther, Mac OS X 10.3. This too will be an exciting release, as it sports 100 new features. Panther will be available by year end, and the G5 by august. AND, a new version of ichat, and a new $149 firewire webcam.

I was rather tired last night after all of that, and then I was in Caseville today delaying the update further. But here it is, so there you go.

What else, uhm, the website. I haven’t worked on it in a few weeks now, so figure I minds as well just post what I have, including some new pics. Should be up soon, hopefully before next post, you’ll read why. So there is that.

Also, I am now counting down to my massive 1 month super-fantastic-over-hyphinated-gala-o-rama-celebration. And, this is the 10th update, making it an extravaganza itself. The 1 month anniversary will be on the 27th, 3 days for now. So, I am not going to correct the schedule, but instead leave it to its now altered state so that there will be a post on the big day. Was it a coincidence that this happened, or was it planned? You may never know, unless you read the next sentence. It was a coincidence, I actually just realized it.

And finally, I need to complain about something. Hmm, I wonder what (sarcasm, so hard in writing). The G5. You should see it. IT IS THE UGLIEST COMPUTER APPLE HAS EVER MADE. Seriously though, the sides are not all that bad, and the back isnt so bad either, but the front, eghh. Its just so, well, plainishly ugly. I dont know, I just think the case needs some more work. Also, it only has room for 1 optical and 2 HD bays. The Quicksilver had 4 HDs, and optical, and a zip and the Mirriored Drive Doors had 4 HDs and 2 opticals. The Industrial Design Group needs to get their stuff together and go back to work.

Ok, thats it then, go away until the big party.


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