Is it that time again?

I was sitting here and I thought “I think it’s blog night.” Actually, I didn’t think it, I IM’d it to Jason. And I didn’t have the ‘ in it’s, since I don’t use much punctuation in IMs, but you get the point.

I just got done watching “the Recruit” and it was pretty good. My cousin fell asleep when he watched it, and so did my mom, but I thought it was good. Al Pacino was perfect for the roll. Colin Farrell, well, he’s a great actor and all, but he just seems so much like a Brad Pitt clone, or at least a fraternal twin.

Going back to that opening, I am reminded of seventh grade. Mrs. Coates class, and those free writes. Suchyta is the only person that will really remember them, since he’s the only person who reads this thing that was in the class, but they were great. He even helped me in writing a few of them. I wish I knew where they are. “The Sock” and “Untitled tale of the Porta-Potty guys” (yes, I know thats a title, just shut-up), I dedicate this post to you, wherever you are.

I missed the SMUG meeting this past Thursday. I normally go every other month, but decided they suck too much to go again. Ohh well, maybe they will improve sometime.

I would like now to express my newest bitch (I know, its like a regular column in my rant). ichat, Apple’s AIM client, seems to have a major flaw (other than not sending links right). When I put up an away message, nobody gets it! If you click my name in AIM, and then do the info thing, it will display the message. And if you look next to my name in ichat it will display. But, if you message me, it doesn’t send the message. Instead, it just sits there as if I am too rude to answer, and I feel kinda bad, but am trying to re-focus that as rage at Apple. Maybe in the new version it will be fixed.

Delta canceled one of my classes. CST-126, Network Cabling and Media, doesn’t it just sound easy? A class about running network cable? Ohh well, maybe in the winter semester. For now, I need to find a 4 credit course for fall.

Ok, later…

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