Evil Charter

Charter decided to intercept all DNS errors as a “service” to users. This means they take you to a Yahoo!/Charter sponsored results page that provides 0% relevancy to what you were trying for. If you accidentally type ayomicow.org, it gives you results for buying beef online. Any decent search engine, including Yahoo! is capable of properly searching for and finding the correct result.

This, however, is not the point. I don’t care that they are using a shitty search, I care that they are doing anything period. Even if you opt out of the “service”, you don’t return to normal DNS errors, you still are redirected to their page. This means you can’t just go up to the address bar and correct your typo, because you are suddenly at a charter.net address. I don’t want their damn search, I don’t want to opt out, I don’t want anything.

Anyway, this is what I sent them. If you have charter, please do the same from their support page on charter.com. If you have another ISP and they are trying to pull this shit, send them a similar letter.

My internet connection is not working correctly. Whenever I miss type a website address I am redirected to a charter search page. At first, it was quite annoying because the search results were far from what I was looking for, and consisted primarily of unrelated sponsored results. Having found the opt-out option, I attempted to use that but still am not satisfied. Even having opted out of this useless service that I never requested, I am still not receiving the correct result. I do not receive my browsers error page, instead receive your copy of an IE error page. Please, I implore you, return the DNS error results to what they were, end this annoying and useless “service” that nobody ever requested.

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