Stupid Car

Yesterday Jenn and I decided we needed to go tubing. Our first idea was to go buy some tubes, so went to Tractor Supply and found 2 that seemed worthy and brought them home. Upon inflation though, we learned they were much too small for what we needed. Plan B was just go rent some from the Sawmill, which worked out much better. The trip took about 90 minutes or so, maybe an hour and 45 minutes. I saw at least one turtle, and a trout jump, and heard a few more. It was quite fun. Afterward, we returned the tubes we had bought, and are now even more set on buying some, as it seems like something we might do often.

Today when I ran out to take back some movies, I returned home to find a faint brake odor, which I quickly traced to my front right wheel well. I was told when Chris fixed it that there was still a lot of gook in the line that he couldn’t get out, and apparently it is coming out into my 1 month old caliper. I don’t drive much anyway.

The movies, by the way, were Ghost Rider (not that great) and Casino Royale (among best Bond movies I’ve seen, though he isn’t one of my favorite Bonds).

OK, thats all for now.


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