We have a home now, yay!

We went to Big Rapids yesterday morning and started Silvernail Realty’s office. They took us first to an apartment that was in a rather crappy house, and the apartment had just been left by the previous tenant. It was very dirty, and just not up to out expectations anyway. The next apartment was the best we had seen yet, though still had a few issues. It was an older house, and had a rather small kitchen, but was certainly a possibility. The third apartment was north of town, but only about 5 minutes to Ferris. It was in a newer building designed as an apartment building rather than a converted house. It’s a little bigger that Jenn’s place now, and seemed to have real potential. We told the realtor we were going for lunch and would let her know.

Before lunch though, we went looking for other options. We drove around town looking for Hillcrest-Oakwood’s office, talked to them to find out where Hillcrest was (they are 2 bedroom, Oakwood is 4), stopped at what looked like a converted motel, then went to Hillcrest, which we found behind K-Mart. Hillcrest was quite nice, big apartments and some other things we liked. Time to go make decisions.

So, off we went to Applebee’s for lunch. We debated the pro’s and con’s of the 2 frontrunners. Hillcrest was cheaper, but looked like party central, and we didn’t really want that. The Silvernail building (something bluff’s, I can’t remember) is near the river (can see out window, 200 ft away?) and is out of traffic area. Both offer Jenn good freeway access, and both are far nicer than others we had seen.

Following lunch, with some leaning but no clear answer, we decided to go have a look at a house we had planned to see on our first trip, but had gotten car sick and skipped. It was south of town and right on the dam pond. We pulled up to it and realized it was small, the size of an average garage. The single bedroom was 8×8, barely enough room for a bed, and certainly no dresser in there with it. There was a small living room with a wood stove, a small kitchen, and a small bathroom. There was a closet, but we were not sure if it was for clothes, or the water heater/furnace as we were just looking through the windows. Why is this house worth $600 a month, or buy for $100,000+? The view. It sits 30 ft above the shore of the pond, with a walkway going down. We could have stood on the deck for a long time just staring out. It was a gorgeous view, but still not enough to make up for the very cramped quarters inside.

So, we drove back through town and looked at the Silvernail property again, and decided on that. We went back to their office and signed the lease, and it shall be ours by the 14th. There is currently a guy from Midland in it, whose lease lasts till August, but he wanted to move back to Midland for a summer job and end lease, so he will be out about the 7th. We may get sooner, but 14th latest.

So last night, we were looking at maps, and resolved one of my tiny issues with the place. Being off the highway out of town, biking was looking difficult. But, it turns out, the White-Pine Trail crosses over the river just half a mile or so north-east of apartment, so that means easy access to trail and riding without fighting traffic on Northland.

In other news, Todd had a bon-fire last night. Sadly, as always, he kept throwing in crap so it was hard to sit close and enjoy. He put an airbag in at one point. That was cool to watch, but took 5 minutes to go off, and you had to stand 50 ft back while waiting so as not to be hit by burning debris whenever it did decide to deploy.

OK, that’s all for now folks.


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