Still Homeless

First, I want to mention that if anyone is discouraged about Jenn getting most of the blog records due to being obsessive about checking my blog, don’t be. Since I don’t include my own IP address, and Jenn will be living with me in a week or 2, she will no longer be counted either. This will also, however, mean my visit count will drop to about 50% of what I get now. My mom will now be counted though, and my dad is starting to check in now and then too.

The apartment search Tuesday had rather poor results. We started at Ryan Creek, where we were supposedly accepted. The manager in her vast wisdom claimed that we were incorrectly accepted, due to me being a full-time student and us not being married. We knew this was bullshit, the state only requires that at least one person on the lease has to not be a full-time student, but doesn’t care about relation of the tenants for state-assisted apartments. We moved on to Harry’s Rentals, who showed us a rather crappy apartment that they claimed to be very nice. We also stopped for some information from the tourism/commerce department, a tour of Meijer, and drove by a few other apartments before heading home.

We were called by Ryan Creek this morning and told exactly what we knew, that we were accepted and the manager was wrong. Either way though, we have had about enough of them.

Friday, we are going to look at 3 or so other apartments from Harry’s hoping that they are significantly nicer, as well as looking at Hillcrest apartments. Failing all that, we still have some backup plans, though we are hoping it doesn’t come to any of that. Heck, there are some really extreme options we have discussed.

Uhm, anyone remember Lauren? Yes, no? Search, I have mentioned her. Anyway, she graduates from NMU Saturday, congratulations to her.

Jenn’s symposium is tomorrow, whatever that is. It has been explained as a pre-graduation ceremony kind of. Whatever it is, I am going to it with her family, then actual graduation ceremony next Saturday.

Is there anything else right now?

I don’t think so.

Ok, later,

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