My last class for the semester was today, I am done until August. Yay!

I sold all but 1 book back, for a total of $130, for over $500 worth of books. Oh well, $130 is better than $0.

Now that I am out of school, I can begin some of my projects, one of them being blog work that will commence very soon. The poll has been being flaky, and my fixing it isn’t helping much, so that will certainly be on the list. Anyway, if the blog/poll/site/etc… do not work on one of your visits, don’t be alarmed.

Grades aren’t back yet, I am very sure of an A in everything but machining and CAD, since I didn’t do a particularly hard CAD final project (in my opinion anyway) and I didn’t finish all the machining projects, but I am still fairly sure of at least a B in both of those.

I think that’s it for now. Happy summer.


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