So, today is the Monday of the last week of school. I go sit in my CAD class today and watch the final presentations, tomorrow I take my final electronics test, followed by giving my final speech, then Thursday I have 4 hours to finish up in machining then do shop cleanup. That will be it then, no more till late August. Funny thing about the electronics test, it’s a 2 hour class, and I average about 5 or 10 minutes for the tests. Makes me wish I didn’t have a class afterward. Then again, the thought of giving an 8 minute speech makes me with I didn’t have the class afterward alot more.

We got our new work schedules for the summer at the staff meeting on Friday. I will be working 9 – 5 Thursday, 12 – 5 Friday, and 9 – 5 Saturday. I think Thursday is actualy 8:30, but were not open till 9 so you couldn’t visit me anyway.

Along with the hammock and ride to Mackinac, I am also considering making either a kayak or canoe over the summer. A kayak would be slightly cheaper and easier, but it would be a bit lonely, and a canoe is much cheaper than 2 kayaks. Reguardless, building eith is alot cheaper than buying one, and should prove to be a somewhat fun project.

So…, yeah, I guess that’s about all for now. Will let you know how the week ended and possibly some grades later in the week. I am getting at least a B in all my classes right now, with all A- or better certainly not out of the question.


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